Airtel Digital Store Now Hosts 7 Products, Zee5 Available at Reduced Price

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Airtel Digital Store, a marketplace that enables Airtel users to purchase digital services now has seven products under its portfolio including access to Zee5 subscriptions. The Airtel users can select the platform they want to subscribe to by heading over to the Airtel Digital Store. The users are required to download and sign-in on the Airtel Thanks App. Airtel is providing subscription for Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms such as ZEE5 Premium along with Testbook, Parentlane Pregnancy at a discount. Further, Airtel also has other products on its Digital Store such as Mint subscription. More on the story ahead.

Airtel Digital Store is Offering Various Subscriptions on Discount

With the Airtel Digital Store, users can get subscriptions of multiple platforms on discount. Starting with ZEE5 Premium, its monthly subscription is available for Rs 89 on the Airtel Digital Store at the moment. For the unaware, it was initially offered for Rs 79 which further changed to Rs 99 and now is being offered for Rs 89 per month. So, at the moment, there is a Rs 10 discount on the monthly subscription fee of ZEE5 Premium.

Adding to this, the quarterly subscription

of ZEE5 Premium which is normally priced at Rs 299 is now available to the users for just Rs 239. So here the users can enjoy the discount of Rs 60. There is also the yearly subscription of ZEE5 Premium which is typically priced at Rs 999, now on offer for Rs 799. So the users get a discount of Rs 200.

Talking about the other discounted subscription platforms, subscription for Textbook which is typically priced at Rs 200 per month is now available for Rs 149 on the Airtel Digital Store. Then there is ‘EazyDiner Prime Membership’ of 3 months which costs Rs 820 normally, now on offer for Rs 466. Further, ‘Parentlane Pregnancy’ and ‘Parentlane Baby Care’ are also available at a discounted price of Rs 199. Normally subscription to both these platforms costs Rs 299.

Additionally, the Airtel Digital Store enables access to multiple subscriptions without any discount. The first is ‘Mint’ that is priced at Rs 2,599 per year. The second is JanAid by Panasonic, which is a subscription platform that connects the users with the doctors. It is available for a yearly cost of Rs 599.

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