AIRCEL To Scale Down Mobile Services in Five Telecom Circles

Leading mobile operator AIRCEL is likely to scale down its GSM mobile service operations in 5 telecom circles. Aircel is pan-india mobile service operator and currently it operates in 23 out of which these five are likely to go which are Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab in its bid to cut costs and reallocate resources to profitable telecom circles.

We are getting continues reports from our readers as well as Mobile SIM card retailers from various circles that the operator has told its distributors in the Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab circles, that it plans to restructure its entire business model and it may not require their services for a while.

However Aircel officially said  “Aircel is revamping its business model innovatively to lower ‘cost to serve’ without compromising on customer service or network experience. The telecom industry is facing severe margin pressures as the voice market is maturing and the data demand in its true sense is still nascent. Operational costs are high and incremental market demand for relatively new players is prohibitive.”

Aircel, which has more than 66 million customers and a pan-India 2G presence with its operations all 23 telecom circles including Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Assam, North East, Orissa, Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Kolkata, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Delhi, UP(West), UP(East), Maharashtra & Goa , Mumbai, Haryana , Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Aircel provides 3G service in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar & Jharkhand, Chennai, Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, North East, Orissa, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, UP East and West Bengal.

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August 27, 2016 6:07 am 6:07 AM

my aircel sim shows E symbol. but it can nt works. i have been facing this abut two weeks. pls help me

November 22, 2015 4:25 pm 4:25 PM

When will aircel start start its services in Nagpur??????pls start it as soon as possible. From ngp out of 40lkh ,,27 lakh users r waiting for u .pls do it fast before end of this year ,pls give them new year gift , .

Mukesh Goswami
August 1, 2015 3:19 pm 3:19 PM

Our group would like to start AIRCEL TELECOM in chhattisgarh again….
How could we get your company ..dealership…… in c.g.
We would like to have AIRCEL again in chhattisgarh.