ACT Broadband Plans Offering 1.5TB Extra Data and Heavy Savings on Netflix Subscription

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The broadband plans in India have become more attractive over time for the subscribers. The more competition after the coming of JioFiber has increased the number of options available to the subscribers in the case of wired connections. A lot of these broadband service providers opt for bundled OTT apps in their plans to increase the attractiveness of their plans. For a very long time, Bharti Airtel was the one operator which was shipping Netflix subscription with its plans, but that is no longer the case. However, ACT Fibernet being one of the major broadband service providers in the country is offering a little discount to the subscribers on a Netflix subscription if they have got the right broadband plans from ACT Fibernet. ACT Fibernet is one of the largest broadband service providers which ranks almost there up with the top leagues. The service provider also has been able to deliver consistently good speeds, and quality to its customers and its plans range from 40 Mbps speed to as high as 1 Gbps. Here are some of the plans you should consider.


ACT Fibernet Plan Details

Here, we are going to be taking a look at the plans which are shipping ample speed to the subscribers, and bundle Netflix subscription discount with them. We are going to be listing the plans available in Bengaluru for the ACT Fibernet customers. Amongst all the broadband plans available to the subscribers, the first one is the ACT Blaze. This plan offers 100 Mbps speed to the subscribers and 450GB data in a month. The subscribers also get to enjoy 1500GB data if they subscribe for 6 months of 12 months of subscription. The monthly rental of this plan is Rs 1,059, and the subscribers get Rs 50 off on their monthly Netflix connection with this plan.

There is also the ACT Storm plan offering 150 Mbps speed with 650GB monthly data and 1500GB extra data on six-monthly and annual subscription. The rental of this broadband plan by ACT Fibernet is Rs 1,159, and this plan will also offer you Rs 50 off on your Netflix subscription every month.

ACT Lightning and Incredible Plan Details

The next set of plans offer higher discount on your monthly Netflix subscription. First of these is the ACT Lightning plan which offers 200 Mbps of speed an 800GB data per month. The rental of this broadband plan is Rs 1,399 per month. The Netflix cashback in this plan is Rs 100. Secondly, there is the ACT Incredible plan which offers 250 Mbps speed and 1000GB data per month. The rental of this broadband plan by ACT Fibernet is Rs 1,999. This plan offers a saving of Rs 150 on the Netflix subscription. The extra data offering of 1500GB remains the same as other plans mentioned above.

Highest Netflix Savings in ACT GIGA Plan

Lastly, the plan which is going to give you the most savings on the Netflix subscription is the ACT Giga plan of Rs 5,999. In this plan you will get a Rs 500 cashback on your Netflix subscription, and you will get to enjoy 1 Gbps speed with 3500GB data. If the subscribers want to experience the benefits of these broadband plans, first they would have to subscribe to these plans from ACT Fibernet and then they would be required to visit the official website of ACT Fibernet go to the section of the plans page where Netflix plans are listed out. From here, the subscribers will have to register for their Netflix account.

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