A Selfie Can Do A Lot More Than You Think

Who doesn’t want to live his life happily and cherish these moments forever? Hardly anyone would say ‘No’ if he’s given an option to capture the happiest moments of his life, no matter how crazy they are. This is where selfie comes into the picture. It all started with the evolution of smartphone industry and has gained amazing popularity among all age groups ever since. Have a look at this video and find the magic yourself-

Different people took part in this campaign called ‘Donate a Selfie’ where they were asked to take a selfie and dedicate it to someone they loved most. A sister’s love for her brother, father’s love for his son, daughter’s love for her parents and bonding between two male friends, carry loads of emotions yet remain voiceless for most of the time. These relations don’t demand continuous confessions, but unseen acts of love, trust and carefulness on a regular basis to last forever. However, a selfie with your brother, son, granddaughter, friend or parents can make you feel their silent love for you, even when they aren’t around.

Should you have any doubt, watch this video again and put yourself in one of the featured participants’ shoes to feel the love they felt while living those moments. Although there are many smartphones that come with excellent cameras, hardly any of them can beat Asus Zenfone Selfie ZD551KL. It doesn’t only offer 13 MP primary camera, but also a 13-megapixel front camera equipped with duel-LED flash, autofocus and 1080p resolution.

If you care for your loved ones and want to cherish it forever, save the moments spent them with just one click. What better tool than Asus Zenfone can you find in the market to create happy memories? Don’t think twice before putting hand on this smartphone as it exposes you to the best front camera – 1080p 13 MP.

Enjoy the present moment with your loved ones and save them in your Asus Zenfone. Remember – A selfie can do a lot more than you think! You can buy this phone by clicking this link .

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