A Mobile Application Which Says Bye Bye To Boring Meetings

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A Mobile Application Which Says Bye Bye To Boring MeetingsAt TelecomTalk we are always working hard to bring you some Interesting Mobile Applications which is useful for you. This Time we have a Mobile Application called  "ByeByeCaller".

As the name says,  This App could  help you to easily Escape from annoying Meetings, or skip a boring conversation with just a Click of a Button by initiating a fake Call.Yes, Why Stuck with Someone Listening to Something which you are not Interested In?   It's the time to say ByeBye to those who annoy you!

How does it Work?

Once you have the Application running on your phone, you could Initiate a Fake Call and pretend that you REALLY got a Call from Someone and easily divert your Attention from those uninteresting, damn boring screwing meetings or Conversations.

Where to get it?

You can download the "ByeByeCaller V1.0" Application Trial Version or Buy the Full Version at developers website.

How to Configure?

It all depends on how you trick people. To ease your work, "ByeByeCaller" provides you some interesting features: You could set the Delay time  to receive the Fake Call.. You can set the Delay time as 10 seconds or even a minute, which makes someone feel the Call is not generated by you.

Also, ByeByeCaller App allows you to Customize the Caller Name, you could set your Caller name as "Wife",  "Husband", "Boss"  or whatever name you would like to receive call from.  Further you could even customize the Operator name.

However, Some of the Phones like Samsung have this Fake Call feature Inbuilt.

Let us know, what are the tricks which you try to keep yourself away from Boring Conversations and Meetings?

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