A Closer look at Zen UI and Why its best among others

It has become a ritualistic move wherein manufacturers stuff an overlay along with their device to increase the accessibility. Manufacturers like Samsung started it all with TouchWiz followed by HTCs sense. Asus have prepped up their device with Zen UI which it claims is one of the most simplest Android overlay. I used the Asus Zenfone 5 as my daily driver for an entire fortnight and here are a few deductions.

Zen UI Pros

Well to start with this overlay is definitely one of the lightest and does not burden the processor. The icons are rounded off and are large enough. I loved the clarity and the crispiness of the entire UI. The features like reading mode, beam to screen, whats next and party link are excellent set of features that have a well defined functionality. I couldn’t help but notice how efficient battery saver mode was and this is something that stands out on the utilitarian front.

Asus have integrated their own cloud into the native applications and this is a good move but we found that the Google cloud support from within the application.


ZenUI Cons

Well frankly speaking nothing much to complain about until and unless we go nitpicking.



Well speaking candidly the ZenUI is one of the perfectly balanced UI that lets you enjoy the Android feel along with some additional goodies. Keyboard need some improvement and the additional applications in the ZenUI are useful and less of a bloatware. The best part for me being a heavy user was that the ZenUI didnt take toll on the performance of the device and this characteristic is a big plus. We have compiled a ZenUI gallery so that you can have a closer sneak peek.


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