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WhatsApp To Let Users Control Chat Backup Size

Reportedly, WhatsApp is working on a new feature, which lets users control and manage the size of their chat backups. It is touted to be one of the biggest problems faced by users and the solution was inflexible. Eventually, many users of the instant messaging platform had to forego their precious memories as they had to delete messages, photos and much more. Notably, this is the second feature related to... Read More

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WhatsApp Trying to Improve on Voice Message Feature

One of the largest social media applications, WhatsApp, is now trying to improve its voice message feature by adding support for pausing the recording. Currently, if a user is sending a voice note to a contact, he/she needs to record it all in one go. There’s no option for pausing the recording. But according to a WABetaInfo, the Facebook-owned texting application is working on bringing support for pausing voice note... Read More

October 6th, 2021 9:42 AM 3 COMMENTS

Telegram Added 70 Million Users When WhatsApp Went Down

What became a disaster for Facebook when its applications, including WhatsApp and Instagram, went down, it became a boon for Telegram. While Telegram is not as big as WhatsApp, there’s no other app that can give competition to WhatsApp the way Telegram does. One of the many reasons why WhatsApp wins is because of clean experience and early mover advantage. But Telegram has already achieved the milestone of a billion... Read More

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WhatsApp and Its Importance Cannot Be Ignored

WhatsApp is arguably the biggest texting platform in the world. With multiple billion downloads, the Facebook-owned application has become an integral part of many people’s lives. Whether it is taking to a sick relative, wishing happy birthdays, or communicating for officer work, WhatsApp allows people to do everything. Many people leverage the application daily to communicate with most of the people they know. This makes WhatsApp one of the most... Read More

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WhatsApp Testing New Feature in iOS Beta Version

WhatsApp, the instant messaging service owned by Facebook is working on a new feature. This feature is allegedly called the Global Voice Message Player. This new feature is claimed to let users listen to voice messages even after leaving a chat window. This new feature was reported to be on cards by the WhatsApp tracker site WABetaInfo, which tracks all new and upcoming features of the platform. For now, users... Read More

October 2nd, 2021 11:10 AM 1 COMMENTS

WhatsApp Aggressively Pushing New Features?

Facebook-owned social media-giant, WhatsApp is aggressively pushing new features to its application for retaining user attention. While it is the king of social media, it still needs to stay ahead of the curve when compared to Signal and Telegram. Multiple new features have become a part of the platform in the last few months. Some of the features came directly from other Facebook-owned applications such as Messenger and Instagram. WhatsApp... Read More

September 23rd, 2021 8:45 PM 2 COMMENTS

WhatsApp Banking Big on Payments Service In India

WhatsApp Payments, the UPI payment feature was rolled out to the instant messaging platform a few years back and was recalled due to several reasons. Again, it was rolled out to users earlier this year but it failed to get enough traction. Now, in an attempt to gain traction, WhatsApp Payments might follow the footsteps of Google Pay. Reportedly, WhatsApp is intending to give cashbacks to users who send money... Read More

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WhatsApp Has Removed Messenger Rooms Feature

Facebook-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp has been rolling out many new features for its users of late. The new features include the group icon editor, the ability to migrate chats from Android devices to iPhones and vice versa and more. Now, it looks like WhatsApp will remove a feature that was rolled out last year. Well, the talk is about the WhatsApp Messenger Rooms feature. This feature was initially launched... Read More

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WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature Extended to More Users for Testing

WhatsApp is now extending the ‘Multi-Device’ feature support for testing to multiple users, which include the ‘non-beta’ users as well. Until now, the feature was under testing and was extended to the beta-users. But now the company is also involving the ‘non-beta’ users for the testing process, which means the rollout of the feature might be very near. For the unaware, the WhatsApp Multi-Device feature will allow the user to... Read More

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WhatsApp Testing New Voice Transcription Feature

The instant messaging app WhatsApp is all set to be working on a new feature that will let users transcribe their voice messages. Currently, this feature is said to be under testing for iOS users. Also, it is believed to be rolled out to Android users as well over time. At present, WhatsApp doesn't provide any transcription of voice messages. Instead, there are third-party apps that are available for Android... Read More

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WhatsApp Brings Major Feature for Chat Backups

Facebook-owned text application WhatsApp has revealed a new feature that will make backing up data safer for users. One of the things that people have loved about WhatsApp until now is just how safe the chatting experience is inside the application. All the chats the users engage in, be it groups or individual chats, people can sit safely because all of their chat is end-to-end encrypted. But the same wasn’t... Read More

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WhatsApp Working on Android to iOS Chat Transfer, Cable Might Be Needed

Recently, WhatsApp announced that users will be able to transfer their chat history between and Android and iOS devices. The ability to migrate chat history from Android to iOS and vice versa was something that many users are missing to date. But it was rolled out recently with a few catches as follows. Firstly, the ability was rolled out with the Samsung flagship foldable smartphones in the Galaxy Z series... Read More

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