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Ericsson Helps APT Bring First 5G NSA MOCN in Taiwan

Ericsson has helped Asia Pacific Telecom (APT) in coming out with Taiwan’s first 5G non-standalone (NSA) Multi-Operator Core Network (MOCN). The telco and Ericsson have done this with shared spectrum. It is worth noting that in a mere period of six months, Asia Pacific Telecom (APT) has been able to come out with Taiwan’s first 5G NSA MOCN. It has been largely possible because of Ericsson, one of the finest... Read More

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India Ready for 5G, Affordable Spectrum Needed: Ericsson India

India is gearing up for the launch of 5G networks in the first half of 2022. The telecom operators are already testing their 5G solutions in partnership with global vendors, including Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung. Mr Nitin Bansal, Head of Ericsson India and Head of Network Solutions Ericsson South East Asia, Oceania & India, said consumers in India are ready to pay up to 50% more for 5G if they... Read More

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Ericsson to Help Virgin Media O2 With 5G SA Network Deployment

Ericsson has announced that it will be helping Virgin Media O2, a UK telecom operator with deploying its core 5G standalone (SA) network. The infrastructure that needs to be deployed is expected to support advanced use cases and applications such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and several other media experiences. Ericsson said that it would be deploying a container-based, cloud-native, dual-mode 5G standalone core on cloud infrastructure in... Read More

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Ericsson and MediaTek Achieves Uplink Throughput of Nearly 500 Mbps

Ericsson and MediaTek are extensively investing their efforts in the development of 5G network to bring the next big revolution in the tech industry. In the latest development, both the entities have jointly achieved a new milestone. Ericsson and MediaTek performed a four-component carrier (4CC) uplink aggregation on millimetre wave (mmWave) that recorded a peak throughput rate of 495 Mbps, of which 425 Mbps was achieved in New Radio (NR)... Read More

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Nokia, Ericsson Awarded 5G Contract By Telefonica

Both the Finnish and Swedish telecom vendors Nokia and Ericsson have been awarded a new 5G contract from the Spanish operator Telefonica. A thing worth noting here is that both the vendors have been provided with an equal deal. Telefonica chose both the operators in equal capacity to ensure continuity with its 4G and 3G network deployments. The two vendors will continue to deploy equipment and solutions where their products... Read More

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Ericsson Benefitted from Ousting of Huawei, ZTE in India

The Chinese telecom vendors, including Huawei and ZTE, who have played a crucial role in helping with the development and roll-out of legacy networks in the country, have slowly been ignored for the 5G plans. The telcos aren’t even looking at awarding new 4G projects to the Chinese vendors because of security concerns arising from their alleged ties with the Chinese government. While this is a bad thing for the... Read More

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Ericsson Chinese Business Sees Decline Contrary to Analyst Predictions

Ericsson is one of the biggest players when it comes to telecom equipment manufacturing. The company like its many other rivals has a presence all over the world, including in India, China, and the USA. In India and the USA, the growing concern over security has led to a ban on Chinese vendors. While it is not as stringent in India, the heat is more strongly felt in the USA.... Read More

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Ericsson to Provide Verizon With 5G Telecom Equipment Under $8.3 Billion Deal

Verizon has been making many leaps and bounds in the USA 5G network development scenario. The company had recently announced the launch of an expanded 4G network alongside a 5G network in many places in the country. In a new development, Verizon has now signed a hefty $8.3 billion contract with Ericsson to deploy 5G in a more intense and faster manner. Niklas Heuveldop, President and Head of Ericsson North... Read More

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Ericsson Develops New 5G Feature With Telia and Qualcomm Technologies

Ericsson has been investing substantial efforts and innovative technologies in the development of 5G network. In the latest happening, the Swedish multinational giant and Telia have teamed up with Qualcomm Technologies to jointly elevate the 5G innovations plans by testing a fresh industry-best feature in Telia’s commercial 5G network. The recent initiative adds to Ericsson and Telia’s 5G alliance that aims to hoist 5G for both smartphone users and emerging... Read More

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Vodafone Deploys 5G Core SA With the Help of Ericsson

Vodafone has deployed a 5G core standalone (SA) solution with the help of Ericsson. The telecom operator has partnered up with the Swedish telecommunication equipment and networking company to boost 5G in Spain. According to a release from Ericsson, Vodafone Spain has chosen Ericsson to be its partner in deploying the first pre-commercial 5G core SA in the country. Ericsson will help Vodafone Spain with its entire standalone 5G network... Read More

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5G Slicing Test by Ericsson and Samsung Promises Great Experience Even on Congested Network

On Monday, Ericsson, Deutsche Telekom, and Samsung culminated the world’s first 5G end-to-end network slicing trials. The network test, which was the first of its kind, was done at the Bonn lab on a Samsung S21 commercial device tethered to a VR headset. The advantages of 5G over other network generations are many, and network slicing is one of the ways those advantages can be transmitted to the users. Among... Read More

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Ethio Telecom and Ericsson Team up for 4G Network Expansion

A partnership between Ethiopian telecommunications company Ethio Telecom and Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company Ericsson has been established to expand Ethio Telecom’s 4G services. The expansion of 4G services will be deployed in the South West region of Ethiopia within this year. A press release by Ericsson revealed that the company would provide its portfolio of Ericsson Radio System Products to Ethio Telecom for this deployment project. 4G Network... Read More

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