5G Rollout Announced by Slovenian Operator Telemach

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The fifth-generation mobile network popularly known as 5G is clearly the next big thing in the technology industry. It is no surprise that countries across the globe are commencing and completing their plans for 5G networks at the earliest. 5G is not just a revolutionary technology but also a driver of numerous other industries. Existing industries will make their business processes much more efficient with 5G networks, and new industries will bloom. In this regard, Telemach, a Slovenian operator, has recently announced that it is rolling out its 5G network. This comes after the telecom

operator gained necessary frequencies through a national auction in April this year.

Telemach Won 3.5 GHz Spectrum in Slovenia’s Auction

Telemach 5G network is the first true gigabit 5G system in the country as it uses a 3.5 GHz spectrum. Telemach will use these frequencies to offer wireless broadband, which will be available first to users in the centre of Ljubljana and the commercial district BTC. The nationwide wireless spectrum

auction that happened in April witnessed offerings of various frequency bands for fifth-generation wireless technology by the country’s regulator, the Agency for Communication Networks and Services (AKOS).

The wireless spectrum was being sold for a combined EUR 164.2 million, which is around $199 million. Four bidders took part in the auction namely A1 Slovenija, Telekom Slovenije, Telemach and T-2. Telemach reportedly announced on Monday that it paid EUR 51.6 million ($62.56 million) for the 3.5 GHz frequency band. The operator further revealed its plans to invest EUR 100 million ($121.24 million) in its 4G and 5G mobile networks in the next few years.

AKOS Released Spectrum in Different Frequencies Three Days Ago

Slovenia’s regulator AKOS released the spectrum in the 700 MHz, 1500 MHz, 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz bands just three days before Telemach announced its plans to launch the 5G network. Even though the testing of 5G technology by Telemach was completed a year ago, the operator launched the rollout of the new technology only after it acquired the necessary frequencies.
Telemach is owned by a Dutch-based multiplay and media provider, United Group.

It serves over 6,00,000 users in Slovenia. According to a report, United Group has plans to combine Telemach Slovenia and Telemach Croatia into a single business cluster that will be managed by Adrian Jezina, the CEO of Telemach Slovenia.

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Published by
Shrijan Soni

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