50 Mbps for Rs. 499 – Hathway’s offering in Hyderabad

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Though real rains are yet to reach Hyderabad, it is raining High Speed Internet here. This is evident from Hathway's boards all over - they are advertising 50 Mbps for Rs. 400 (official website shows Rs. 499 though).

Official Website

14072014_20:39:31Hathway is also offering a free Wi-Fi router subject to some terms and we are not sure what they are!

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What Rivals are Offering?

Hyderabad's best ISP Beam Fiber has the following plans:


Another player You Broadband charges these rates for 50 Mbps


How much do you pay per month for broadband and what is your speed? Let us know through comments!

Disclosure: I am a Beam Fiber customer.

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