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Would you like Android N to be named Neyyappam? Well, Kerala Tourism Dept. would like that

Google’s upcoming Android version, dubbed as Android N is making news for its moniker. This time around, Google turned to users for the name suggestion. Following the “sweet” legacy that Android versions are known for, right from Froyo to Marshmallow. You won’t believe, but the name that’s topping the charts for suggestions is the Indian dessert, Neyyappam. It is a famous south Indian dessert made from rice and jaggery. Well,… Read More


Android N is internally called as ‘New York Cheesecake’; Google turns to users to name the upcoming version

It is that time of the year when Google releases new builds for Android, and this time around it is working on “Android N”. Last year, we all were going Sherlock over what would Google name the Android M, which later turned out to be Android 6.0 Marshmallow. According to a report by Android Police, Google Opinion Rewards has started asking the Android users to name the next Android, which for now, is… Read More


My two hours with Android N and why you should try it too

Google dropped a bomb yesterday when it unexpectedly announced that Android N was dropping by to your Nexus phones. Google also took the opportunity to announce an Android Beta Program, very similar to what Apple has been doing with iOS and OS X over the last couple of years, using which, you and I will be able to download the latest Preview Builds and help Google gain valuable feedback on… Read More

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