Airtel 4G in ludhiana


Airtel 4G Ludhiana Plan Details – Tariff Chart for Prepaid and Postpaid

Earlier today we had reported about Airtel’s 4G service launch in Ludhiana. Here we bring to you the tariff chart applicable for those services. Airtel 4G services on Dongles and CPEs are now available for customers with the following postpaid plans *VBC charges at 5p/100KB shall be charged with a bill shield of Rs 1000/-. Post which speed shall be throttled ** Only applicable for CPEs  Airtel 4G Device pricing… Read More


Airtel Launches 4G Services in Ludhiana – Punjab, Offers 4G Plans as low as Rs 100

Airtel has launched 4G services in Ludhiana which will now offer service simultaneously on dongles, Wi-Fi CPEs (Customer Premise Equipment/ routers) and mobile phones. Airtel 4G Customers on iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c can start their mobile 4G experience right away by upgrading to a USIM (Universal SIM) / 4G SIM and selecting a plan/pack of their choice from an affordable range of offers. Customers can also enjoy the Airtel… Read More

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