Airtel 3G Wingle review


Our Experience with Airtel 3G Wingle in Mumbai

Airtel had launched its 3G Wi-Fi datacard in Delhi-NCR in July, and followed by a launch in Mumbai. We have already reviewed the device and the service in Delhi, and have been using the device in Mumbai for the last few weeks. We’ll directly get into the speeds and its performance, as we have already discussed about the other aspects in the other review article. Speeds During our extended usage of the… Read More


Our Experience with Airtel 3G Wingle: In-Depth Hands on Review

Further to unboxing the Airtel 3G Wi-Fi data card, we subjected the Wingle (Wi-Fi data cards are also called Wingles to a variety of tests of over 31 hours over past three days. Our tests included speed measurements along with some heavy downloading and browsing. All tests were done at Hyderabad on an Ubuntu laptop. Speeds The key metric for any broadband connection is speed. As we experienced with our… Read More

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