Exclusive : MTNL Launches True Unlimited 3G Data Pack for Rs.999 For Prepaid Customers in Mumbai

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) today announced the launch of new promotional True Unlimited 3G data Pack just for Rs.999 and for 3G prepaid subscribers in Mumbai circle.

MTNL 3G unlimited plan

Earlier the Unlimited 3G data pack comes for Rs.1650, now MTNL has introduced new prepaid 3G data pack priced at Rs.999 offers True Unlimited 3G Data usage (Home and Roam) without any FUP for 30 days from the date of recharge.

This new 3G data pack of Rs.999 is promotional offer of 90 days,  valid from today i.e. 22 Feb, 2014 to 22 May, 2014. MTNL Mumbai’s all 3G data plans/packs can be use while Home network as well as National Roaming on BSNL across India.

The New True Unlimited 3G data Plan of Rs.999 will be available from today via On-line Recharge at MTNL website or E-topup at MTNL Customer Service Centers and retailers across Mumbai circle.

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  • tech-savvy March 18, 2014 5:17 pm

    Please increase your mind 3g speed… 3.6mbps is not 3g mtnl.. Do something abt it b4 is to late

  • hashim February 27, 2014 8:29 am

    whether mtnl delhi have same plan ?
    they still having 1650 ul plan

  • umesh February 25, 2014 8:59 pm

    anybody know the procedure how to buy Bsnl Sim (number) from here : sancharsoft.bsnl.co.in/auction/vacant_nos/mh/gsm_choice.asp

  • Yogesh February 25, 2014 8:29 pm

    @Darshan, thank you . Yes with a inbuilt android html brouser n Idea sim maharashatra.bsnl.gov.in wesite open I just check. N Bsnl offer free sim till 30 march, no charge: 20 rs. Thanks a lot

  • spiderman February 25, 2014 5:48 pm

    After 22 May, 2014, will this offer continued, Any Idea ?

  • nagesh February 25, 2014 12:59 pm

    hi ye true unlimited 3g plan kab aa rahe hai airtel,vodafone,reliance +& bsnl me

  • vinodh kumar February 24, 2014 10:26 pm

    MTNL has to introduce such attractive plans to keep its 3G customers with it. With Reliance Jio(4G@49Mbps) coming into the fray now, which is expected to roll out its services by Sept 2014 in both big the metros where MTNL has its base(Delhi, Mumbai), MTNL will be the first telecom operator to get the BIG BLOW(which is inevitable). No one would stay with MTNL when Reliance Jio launches 4G with 100GB@Rs.1000 plan. So wake up guys this Rs.999 plan might be looking attractive now but not in future(after 6-7 months). MTNL has to shift gears fast to sustain its market.

  • lK February 24, 2014 5:46 pm

    off topic. now as telangana is about to form within a week will we be charged roaming between telangana and andhra?? also can there be a change in tariff plans between both the states? both states belong to a.p telecom circle.

    • Keshav Jha February 26, 2014 12:34 pm

      No. Both will be one circle.

  • Shahebaz February 24, 2014 10:23 am

    Plz reply if I purchase mtnl sim from mumbai then I can use 999 unlimited pack in bangalore over bsnl network there is extra cost of roaming? Plz anybody explain. Thank you

    • aditya February 24, 2014 11:32 am

      There are no extra cost . you can use mtnl Sim in Banglore over bsnl network

      • shuvi February 24, 2014 12:55 pm

        can i use it in srinagar….. on bsnl…

        • aditya February 24, 2014 1:29 pm

          I don’t think so as no prepaid Sim of any operator works in Jammu n Kashmir.

  • VIJAY KANT MISHRA February 24, 2014 8:44 am

    Can anybody tell me the evdo speed and network of TATA CDMA in Delhi. Planning to use it in my Micromax unlocked cdma data card. Reliance is not satisfactory and MTS is too costly.

    • PANKAJ February 24, 2014 12:36 pm


  • Chandra Sekhar Mandal February 23, 2014 10:53 pm

    BSNL 3G speed is very very bad here in WB circle, can’t even open a page.
    2G of airtel & vodafone is much better.

  • Yogesh February 23, 2014 7:54 pm

    @ Aditya : I ll tell u my personal experience : I had used Tata Indicom cdma in 2010-2012. In feb 2012 i port to TATA DOCOMO GSM n Tata Tele carry my balance from indicom cdma to docomo gsm . If ,u want can try same. Else use your 1000 rs for Internet , sms n call n reduce it :-) At present Tata officially not announce about exit. As this is my First n 4 years old no , even i dont want tata to exit but want them to continue :-)

    • aditya February 23, 2014 8:01 pm

      My tata CDMA no. Is since 8years and I recharge it every 6 months . tata CDMA network coverage is superb. Let’s see once tata officially confirms or if someone takeover it then well and good or else after confirmation will start using CDMA phone . tata gsm is bad in network coverage

      • Yogesh February 23, 2014 8:13 pm

        @ Aditya, yes Tata cdma is really best. I had travelled from Aurangabad – Nagar, Nashik,Pune,Panvel, Alibag, Pen, n in Mumbai too. Really it is good. N about Tata gsm : Atleast in main Aurangabad city i dont have any issue about network. But Tata tele in huge debt n loss. Lets see what happens. Dont keep this much huge some in mobile balance :-)

    • Esmail February 23, 2014 8:06 pm

      True, when I had ported my number in reliance from GSM prepaid to CDMA prepaid even they had carried forward my balance since it was internal porting from one technology to another for the same operator, if u port to another operator u lose the balance

  • ROHAN SINGH February 23, 2014 7:20 pm

    BSNL should bring this offer pan India. But their 3G speed is pathetic.

  • aditya February 23, 2014 7:09 pm

    I am from mumbai and using tata indicom cdma . So what if tata exits cdma business . Balance in my tata phone is rs1000 as just an alternate no. For namesake. What should i do now. What will happen next someone will take over tata cdma business.whats next now.

  • Yogesh February 23, 2014 6:25 pm

    Ok , as SS , Siddhart , n airtel cc :-) said A V I 3G can be use in other circle with their respective partner companies n /w , n when on roaming. :-)

  • Yogesh February 23, 2014 4:14 pm

    Idea 3G in maharashtra : 250RS/1GB. As idea dont ve 3G licence @ Mumbai , i suggest u : Either go with BSNL OR VODAFONE 3G. Both ve 3G in maharashtra , n with mtnl n/w u can use bsnl 3G @ mumbai. VODAFONE has 3G in both Maharashtra n Mumbai circle. FOR 1GB 3G : Vodafone 250rs , Bsnl 139rs. N if u try to latch to say airtel with idea 3G as per i know : u will be charge 2p/10 kB though u ve internet pack , else u ve to use ur net pack with Idea 2G speed @ Mumbai. N Saurabh is From Ambala, Hariyana state as i know. Bsnl speed in Maharashtra is about 2 Mbps.

    • aditya February 23, 2014 4:54 pm

      I confirmed that there will be no balance deduction if I am using airtel Mumbai Sim in other parts of maharashtra ( on idea 3g network) . no balance will be deducted . it would be only monthly rental like 252rs for 1 GB.

    • SS February 23, 2014 4:58 pm

      Nice suggestions. Unfortunately, the information you provided is wrong. If you have a 3G data pack active, you will not be charged a single rupee if you are roaming on any AVOID 3g network. For example, i use Airtel 3G (delhi) while roaming on Airtel 3G network in UPW and Idea 3G network in UPE.

    • Darshan February 23, 2014 4:58 pm

      Yogesh but if we use BSNL in mumbai with 139rs pack on MTNL network speed doesnot go more than 1.8mbps it ranges from 1.2mbps to 1.8mbps but doesnot go below 1.2mbps…If 1.8mbps is okay for you then bsnl is best option.but if you want more speed go for vodafone.I personally have tested vodafone 3G its speed is 3.1mbps in mumbai…Also its the max speed of vodafone in mumbai….I even have checked airtel 3G but that time my friend said was problem in server so I got nly 1mbps speed according to him speed goes above 4mbps sometimes. …

      • Srivatsava February 23, 2014 9:52 pm

        To all the people compalining about bsnl 3g speed it should be seen that a special factor affects speed on 3g other than signal strength and network congestion and that is the “APN”.Yes u people read it correctly and bsnl still supports nearly 10 apn’s and for all the new users bsnl has deployed “bsnlnet” as the unified apn but i did observe different speeds on two of my sim cards on two similar handsets out of which one was 8 year old one and that’s on “grpssouth.cellone.in” i was shocked to see that here in vijayawada i could get only 2.x mbps(it varied but was surely less than 3) which was on bsnlnet and the other one gave a whopping 9.1 mbps constantly.So people try a few apn’s but yet u may not be guaranteed a better speed.Par try karne me galthi rho nahi hai na bhai log ;) .

        3)unified “bsnlnet”.

        • Darshan February 23, 2014 11:10 pm

          The apn gprswest.cellone.in is working but speed is same what I was getting in bsnlnet apn

        • Darshan February 23, 2014 11:22 pm

          Yaa bsnlwest apn has got more speed ….in bsnlnet & gprswest.cellone.in I was getting 1.8mbos but in bsnlwest apn it shoot upto 2.9mbps….
          Thx for it but plz dont spread this bcuz again this apn will spread n speed will get down

  • idea888 February 23, 2014 3:30 pm

    @Darshan, ss, saurbh can i purchase sim in Maharashtra n use Idea 3G in Mumbai.?? it is allow in Mumbai to use without any cost?? Pack cost for 1 gb in Maharashtra?

    • Darshan February 23, 2014 4:08 pm

      Yaa u can idea card get registered on airtel 3g network…cost of 1gb in 3g for idea is 249 but we get offer at *121# at 124rs…but why dont u take airtel or vodafone sim from #mumbai…Mumbai.vodafone ,my friend got msg that do recharge of 155rs get 1gb 3G this offer was valid till 28th may 14…C if uget the same offer in vodafone

    • SS February 23, 2014 4:55 pm

      Yes, as Darshan Said

  • Esmail February 23, 2014 3:26 pm

    If MTNL can do it with 3G why can’t wired isps do it? Wake up call for Hathway, follow suit. Wired line isps do not even face spectrum crunch they should discard FUP completely.

  • Shiv Mishra February 23, 2014 2:19 pm

    is the speed capped by any chance? of late MTNL has been working on their 3G network in Mumbai…so can we expect to get 6-8 mbps ?

    • Kunal February 24, 2014 10:32 am

      @shiv, are u sure about MTNL working on 3G in Mumbai, cos i dont see any bit of improvement, neither in speed nor in coverage !

      • Shiv February 25, 2014 11:54 am

        That’s precisely even my point is @ Kunal. I had met MIDC Andheri MTNL head few days back, and he told me they are in process of up gradation of their 3G network. In my iPad, I use MTNL sim, and it still never crosses 2mbps. Post optimization of their network if the speed is 6-8 mbps then it makes sense..

        However, I have been noticing Vodafone’s 3G has improved drastically in Mumbai in recent times. Almost consistently they are clocking in trajectory of 6-8 mbps on my mobile. They seem to be enhancing their network silently.

  • Yogesh February 23, 2014 2:09 pm

    @ Raj , four days back i rent MNP request from my Tata gsm sim , n to my surprise : i got call from Tata tele thrice : n they speak with me so politely :-) n again another suprise : they themself reduce my call charge to 1.2p/2 sec = 36 p / min. N for next 2 months they provid me : 500 MB 2G @15rs :-) I didnt expected this :-) also they registered my complain n now no auto disconnect problem with tata gsm. If u want offers from Idea : keep a gap of some 15 days : dont do normal net pack recharge , sure in march atleast u ll get offers. N btw BSNL give 1GB 3G @ 139 why dont try it ? :-)

    • raj February 23, 2014 7:46 pm

      Just now got a sms that special pack is activated.No balance deduction happened.Called 198 they said that there is some special offer,just dial *150*567# for getting it.They told that this offer changes from customer to customer & we cannot guarantee it.

      I think by dialing this code,that offer will automatically apply.We can know it only after it activated. So, if they give voice offer instead of 3g offer,it’s of no use to me.

      • Yogesh February 23, 2014 8:34 pm

        @ Raj , congrats for special offer :-) U can check ur special net offer by dialing 12125 n *147#. To check ur net bal : *125#. Dont call to call center . Many times they dont have proper information. As u r In A.P these code may vary , i ve given code for Maharashtra. But *147# self care is common as per i know.

  • YOGESH February 23, 2014 1:28 pm

    @ Aditya, as u r in Mumbai : Both tata n aircel ve only 2G. Some 4 months back aircel made 2G/3G unified rates. Now 28 rs/7 days has so called unlimited net , but it gives good speed for only first 200 MB then : FUP speed cap to 32kbps = 4 KB/s. I dont find aircel reliable here in Maharashtra. N as u ported so 3 months u ve to use aircel. Do register @ 1909 DND, else they will deduct ur bal , i consider u use prepaid. N Tata has 3g licence in Maharashtra. I dont face auto disconnect problem since last week.

  • Mayank Bajaj February 23, 2014 1:26 pm

    I hope others also follow this and launch unlimited plans.

  • Yogesh February 23, 2014 1:17 pm

    So it is ICR : Intra circle roaming. But it is not allowed by the govt na ? As per the central govt decision ICR is only for voice , n if no 3G licence operator not allowed to provide 3G services.

    • Darshan February 23, 2014 2:07 pm

      Yaa I know this but since airtel cc is saying this.we have to believe it….

    • Siddhart February 23, 2014 2:14 pm

      Its not allowed…but it works I am using airtel in mumbai when I come in pune if I select idea 3g network it gets registered sameway my friend using idea mahrashtra connection come to mumbai idea get registeref on airtel 3g network.

      • aditya February 23, 2014 2:18 pm

        I hope there are no extra charges for using 3g on idea network out of mumbai

      • Darshan February 23, 2014 2:26 pm

        when u switch down to idea 3g netqork in maharashtra or pune…r u charged xtra for it…bcuz airtel cc said me even.if u have netpack u will be charged at 2p/10kb…

        • SS February 23, 2014 5:07 pm

          He said was wrong. You can use your active data pack (3G) while roaming on ANY AVOID 3G network and you will not be charged extra. Tested.

    • SS February 23, 2014 5:06 pm

      Arey bhai, so much confusion!
      Supreme court has barred Intra Circle roaming agreement. Like I have an airtel UP E number and airtel doesn’t have license in UPE so airtel will not be allowed to provide 3G services in any corner of India or World to airtel UPE subscriber.

      Inter circle roaming is still valid. For example:- i am using my airtel 3G delhi no. (airtel has 3G license in delhi/ncr) in UPE on idea 3G network(airtel doesn’t have license inUPE)

  • Sukas Adhikari February 23, 2014 1:15 pm

    @tt-expert.. Why are the 3g operators not give us such plans like bsnl wired broadband?AS night unld plan with daytime some gb or some plans like 2mbps or better or less till some gb then 256kbps.
    Is there any problems for operators?

  • Yogesh February 23, 2014 12:10 pm

    @ Darshan , how to add photo here ? N i m unable to open Bsnl website on my android phone . I use Tata gsm n idea. Can u please help. i m from Aurangabad city n u ? Mumbai / Kolhapur ? I m a student of B.E n u ? Please reply.

    • Darshan February 23, 2014 1:01 pm

      You can add u r pic by making account at gravatar.com
      N on idea/tata bsnl website doesnt open…c if maharashtra.bsnl.co.in opens bcuz it opens from idea sim…
      I am doing my mech engg from mumbai…Belong to Sangli also have home at kolhapur so I had said in my last comment abt it….

  • Nandlal February 23, 2014 12:08 pm

    Dear TT friends today i read a news in the newspaper that government is planning to issue licence fee on free messaging app companies like whats app and free messaging will no more be available for free.

    Please do some research and confirm is it so or not?

    • SS February 23, 2014 12:53 pm

      Government is a dumb, it is impossible for this to happen and stay calm.

  • sandip February 23, 2014 11:13 am

    MTNL dont have 3g network in nahur road, mulund west mumbai 80.

  • Yogesh February 23, 2014 11:12 am

    @RAJESH : Nokia india official website dont show 4G support for Lumia 625. But gsmarena shows its internation version supports 1800 MHz 4G band. Price : On flipkart 15 K.

  • RAJESH February 23, 2014 3:06 am

    Hi guys,i want to buy Nokia Lumia 625 which is having 4G option.Dose it supports Airtel4G or upcomming Jio????

    • Imon Aryan February 23, 2014 8:53 am

      Lumia 625 is FDD-LTE handset ,which runs 4g on 1800mhz …..

      earlier i have checked ..but havnt seen the 4g specs on nokia india website.

      plz call on nokia careline to confirm.

      may be the 4g version isn’t available on ASIA PACIFIC.

    • Keshav Jha February 23, 2014 8:56 am

      No. It supports LTE over 800, 1800 & 2600 MHz only. It doesn’t support LTE over 2300 MHz. Right now Airtel provides LTE over 2300 MHz but in some circles they got spectrum for 1800 MHz also. Same case with Reliance jio also. If any operator launches LTE over 1800 MHz in near future, then Nokia Lumia 625 will support it.

  • Amit Kumar February 23, 2014 1:56 am

    Can someone please explain what do these words mean: “promotional offer without FUP till till May”?

    Does it mean there will be FUP after May? And/or prices will increase?
    And Plan will change after the promotional period?

  • Manu arora February 23, 2014 1:52 am

    Off-topic: Whatsapp is down worldwide… from past 2 hrs…

  • Nikhil February 22, 2014 11:34 pm

    True unlimiteted 3G by MTNL home & roam…..speed not more than 200 kbps….. he he he he…. chears…..!

  • kaushik February 22, 2014 11:11 pm

    superb..superb! MTNL hats off! jst you need to improve your 3g signals beyond thane

  • sk February 22, 2014 9:39 pm

    I get 2gb day+ 1gb night 3g data for approx 125 on aircel in ap.

  • aditya February 22, 2014 9:26 pm

    I am using mtnl 3g buy when I had went out of Mumbai i did not got any 3g network by bsnl and when complained to mtnl customer care they gave reason stating its issue with bsnl and they can’t do anything.
    I have faced this issue thrice I had been to Nasik , Solapur and Goa. Every time same problem . so now I am shifting to Airtel for 3g.

    • Darshan February 23, 2014 12:56 am

      Its BSNL
      Its come with no reliability banner…
      But about u r issue itz really suprising to me as my mumbai friend who is using mtnl card was with me at my home at kolhapur for 5days he had faced no problem with 3G over bsnl network….
      Did u try selecting network manually? Bcuz if u r registered with dolphin (i.emtnl network) & then come to bsnl network its doesnt get registered it happened with me bcuz I m using bsnl card n was registered on dolphin network while I was coming from mumbai towards my home I forgot to do automatic selection n full night my phone was without signal…but I had alternate idea sim so my family could contact me..
      As u said u would shift to airtel for 3G ,airtel is good for mumbai as they have 3G license over there but they dont have 3G license in.maharashtra so my view will be to take vodafone sim as they have quite good 3G covareage in mumbai & maharashtra too….

      • aditya February 23, 2014 8:38 am

        My phone mode was automatic but no 3g tower and Airtel 3g works in Maharashtra as my dad is using Airtel only. Please confirm

      • aditya February 23, 2014 10:49 am

        I confirmed with airtel and they provide 3g services in Maharashtra

        • Darshan February 23, 2014 11:40 am

          No yaar maybe u asked abt mumbai not maharashtra….airtel is not having 3G license for maharashtra .in maharashtra nly BSNL,IDEA,TATA DOCOMO & VODAFONE is having 3G license n now even Jio has license..

          • Yogesh February 23, 2014 12:04 pm

            @ Aditya , yes Darshan is right. No airtel 3G in Maharashtra. Bsnl , idea , vodafone, n tata has 3G in Maharashtra. May be they told u about Airtel 3G Mumbai.

          • Darshan February 23, 2014 12:15 pm

            Yaa airtel is providing 3G for mumbai users in maharashtra via Idea 3G netwòrk…I just talked to airtel cc they said to manually select idea coverage when u step down to maharashtra….

            • aditya February 23, 2014 12:55 pm

              I have recently ported to aircel from Docomo. I m from mumbai circle . hope I have made right decision. What’s your review

  • Varun Krishna February 22, 2014 9:18 pm

    Hey any one please tell the difference between 32k,64k,128k,356k sim classes of BSNL???
    And also its benefits. Now i am using 128k BSNL 3G sim.

    • Darshan February 22, 2014 10:00 pm

      More contacts & msg can be saved on card as you take more memory of card nothing else

    • Rama February 22, 2014 10:02 pm

      Even though I aint good at telecom I probably think 32k,64k etc might represent the memory capaacity of the sim card or something,and I think its 256 kb and not 356 kb.But anyways telecom experts like saurabh,ss,esmail,darshan,yogesh etc may help you better

    • SS February 22, 2014 10:34 pm

      As everyone says that is memory. Higher k’s means more memory on SIM card. However, 64K sim contains higher programmed instructions than 32K SIM and in SIM lots of instruction are stored including SIM ID, IMSI, MCC-MNC of home network, Roaming preferred partners, contacts, SMS, service no, etc. For example, you can access 4G ONLY on a 128 K airtel SIM.

  • SS February 22, 2014 9:15 pm

    Oh oh oh…………………Waiting for BSNL or even i would go to mumbai to get a prepaid MTNL SIM. Thats awesome and i hope BSNL follows it soon.

    • Akhil Mohan February 22, 2014 9:53 pm

      Don’t get your hopes high. Unlimited 3G in BSNL is as useful as a Bugatti Veyron in an Ocean ;)

  • Rahul February 22, 2014 9:00 pm

    Good… I used to use the Rs. 4500 – 180 days true unlimited 3 years ago.

    This is still little expensive ! but good offer.

    • Angela February 23, 2014 2:22 pm

      Oh! Comon Rs. 999 unlimited for 30 days. What more you need man.

  • ak February 22, 2014 8:53 pm

    wish operator like Airtel,Vodafone can provide such plans in all circle :(

  • Abhishek February 22, 2014 8:17 pm

    YES, YES , YES….. :-)

    Now waiting for same move by BSNL in all circles.

  • raj February 22, 2014 7:01 pm

    True unlimited 3G at 999!!! Awesome…So there will be no need of broadband in mumbai now.Feeling very jealous.Here in AP,we still pay >Rs250 for 1GB 3G.

    • Venkat February 22, 2014 8:27 pm

      Raj…. 1GB 3G is now just 140 rupees in BSNL. May be you are using Airtel or Idea… So port in to BSNL for low 3g rates.

    • Darshan February 22, 2014 9:14 pm

      Idea you dont get any offers kya like 124rs 1gb 3G on *121# or *122#?

      • venkat February 22, 2014 10:33 pm

        Yes… In AP circle idea is providing 1GB 3G for 123, 500 MB 3G for 48 rupees, both offers comes with validity of 30 days. But theese offers are for limited period I.e up to march 10th only…

      • raj February 23, 2014 10:29 am

        I already used idea offers in DEC & JAN.Now no offers at all in FEB.

        2.5GB-Rs253-30 days (Dec)
        1GB-Rs123-7days (Jan)

    • raj February 23, 2014 12:23 pm

      I spend around Rs600-700 every month on idea.Since I’m not getting any customized offers,I will port out.I know operators are not offering offers for retention as before,but just sent port out sms..keeping my fingers crossed :)

      People who used MNP (prepaid) recently, are you getting any calls/offers for retention?

  • techsavy February 22, 2014 6:50 pm

    Can some one tell me what the dotted of mtnl 3g on papers…
    As I heard they were suppose to increase there speed…
    Any updates on that…

  • Darshan February 22, 2014 6:13 pm

    Now when will BSNL launch unlimited 3G plan?
    The new version of whatsapp for android has got privacy lock by which we can hide last seen, status & profile picture too…but there is a error that after doing such settings some can still c my last seen….
    telecom talk should make a article on this errors…
    n the new version is available at whatsapp.com/android