LG Series 3 L70 becomes available for Rs 14,500

Right after the LG Series L90 went on sale in India for Rs 17,499, the LG Series L70 has gone on sale as well for Rs 14,500. The smartphone will sit belw the sibling and will be battling it out in the sub Rs 15,000 category. It was unveiled at MWC 2014 alongside other L series 3 devices. It features Knock Code as well like the L90 which lets you unlock the device by tapping it a specific number of times (there are over 86,000 combinations possible). Let us take a look at its specs:


  • 4.5-inch  display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels
  • 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon 200 processor
  • Adreno 302 GPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • 4GB of internal storage which can be expanded by another 32GB
  • 5MP primary camera with LED flash and a VGA front camera
  • Dual SIM, 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS
  • 2,100mAh battery

The LG L70 will be battling it out against the Moto G at the sub Rs 15,000 price point. With a moderate set of specs, we highly doubt that it will be able to take on the Moto X because the Moto X comes across as a way better device than L70.

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  • JOY March 25, 2014 12:48 pm

    LG plz reopen ur service network b4 launching ne product ! Panasonic products r better priced & performing well.

    • Rama March 25, 2014 2:24 pm

      *LG has so many service centres over here in India and I have found many of them operating over here in Chennai for the very least.

      *Apart from that LG is genuine OEM as compared to Panasonic.

      *Panasonic only re-brands smartphones and sells them.

      *LG on the other hand has their own designs and technology going behind their smartphones.LG might not manufacture all its devices but they do create all their devices.

      *Apart from that I really dont know if the service people at Panasonic’s service centre would be able to help you in a good way because after all they have not created the device and have only re-branded them

      *Panaonic has a good name in India but thats only in case of A.Cs/electronic shavers etc.

      *Panasonic has hardly ever made strides in the smartphone sector whereas LG has been a known name in the smartphone sector for long.Do you know that the gorgeous display you see on the iphone is actually made by Lg.Even the iphones processor is manufactured by Samsung.

      • vsk March 25, 2014 4:31 pm

        *Panasonic is a MNC company which follows a clear ethics for customer satisfaction and after sales ,I think the fact like whether it is rebranded or invented won’t affect that companies policy towards its customer. So it is Panasonic that name itself guarantee the product quality and service .
        * as everybody knows that lg is well known in smartphone market it is a very nice brand .but slightly overpriced ( except nexus devices ) .but I had very wonderful experience with LGS after sales and support .
        * I also added the fact that Panasonic smart phones are best value for money . the common people of India won’t consider it is rebranded or something .
        * quad core HD displayed Panasonic phones are available at this price tag against LGS dual core ..let see

        • Rama March 25, 2014 8:00 pm

          *Just one thing bro,slapping a BMW symbol on a maruti suzuki desire wont essentially make it a good quality car,the product is gonna remain the same and only the brand image would change.

          *Thats exactly what panasonic has been doing.I know Panasonic smartphones come with quad core processors and HD screens but they equally sacrifice on quality.

          *Can the HD screen on the Panasonic smartphone have viewing angles,contrast ratios and colour reproductions as good as the LG smartphone over here.Dont get me wrong but LG is the leader in displays and all their smartphones have some really stunning dsipaly except the Nexus 5(which again as you said comes in the lower price bracket)

          *Can the Mali GPUs used in these smartphones deliver the same kind of performance as Adreno GPUs used in smartphones like the LG G70 over here in consideration.The Adreno GPU used in this LG smartphone is not low-end infact its the Adreno 302 which can provide some really good performance.In gaming and other crucial graphics realted activities Adreno clearly has a lead over Mali GPUs.Apart from that Qualcomm based Socs have much better modems than Mediatek based Socs.


          *I accept that branded manufacturers do not provide smartphones as good as local manufacturers in quantity but what cannot be denied is that they dont compromise on hardware quality for the very least.

          *I will even go to the extent of saying that no other smartphone manufacturer except Apple provides true after sales support and satisfaction.Even branded manufacturers like Samsung and LG lack in customer satisfaction because they have not been able to deliver on the software front but what cannot be denied is that in terms of hardware quality alone local manufacturers still dont stack up against branded manufacturers in terms of hardware quality.

          *I agree that branded manufacturers have their own flaws but in terms of hardware quality they still lead the race.

          *Branded manufacturers clearly have a lead when it comes to quality and JOY in the previous comment has mentioned that LG is not providing good after sales service but thats not true LG is still providing high quality after sales service.you yourself have said so in the previous comment.So you must actually be crticizing JOY for providing wrong info.

          *Maybe Panasonic might provide good after sales service but the quality of the product as such may not be that high.

          *I hate to say this but the rate with which these local smartphone companies have gone up is the same rate with which they will come down.The main funda with which local companies sold their products was by providing more for less and that made sense three years ago.I mean three years ago when branded manufacturers like Samsung and HTC used to chrage as much as 12k for a product with laughable specs like a single core cortex A5 processor,adreno 200 GPU and 256 or 512 MB of ram and on the other hand local manufacturers were providng dual core processors,big screens and better camera(atleast mega pixel wise) so it made sense to prefer local over branded but now the scenario has completely changed and with comapnies like Sony providing dual core cortex A7 processors and adreno 302 GPU for just 10k products from these branded manufacturers also make sense because after all if you’re not too much into gaming,devices like Xperia E1 can work like a charm,in such a scenario who will prefer local manufacturers.If you dont believe you can have a look at the stats,Samsung is on the verge of dominating as much as 40% of the smartphone market whereas Micromax on the other has lsot share from 22 to 16%.

          • vsk March 25, 2014 10:33 pm

            1) am partially agree with you .I compleatly agree lg product quality and after sales are brilliant .no argument on that .
            2) I spoke based an ordinary indian point of view . you kindly check Panasonic p 55 review , which was launched for 22k but now available for 14k. It is a wonderful gadget based on some online reviews .
            3) my friend used MMX canvas HD for more than 1 year .no issues so far .he is very happy .
            4) dear rama I am not against branded companies .I was a brand conscious man 1 year ago . and I consider MMX , karbonn etc are cheap Chinese products with no durability and quality . that time I used galaxy grand . but later I got an opportunity to personnaly experience MMX HD and karbonn s5 . I just wondered actually . it totally change my perception about Indian brands
            5) then I started listen to local companies reviews too . then I noticed xolo . then I come to know that it is from lava . finally I decided to give a chance to lava . now I use iris 504q . and I don’t know what quality according to you . for me this product quality and performance is more than I expected . but no words about its after sales . because I don’t know about its .but my device work very smoothly for the last 8 months .
            6)if money is not a problem I won’t recommend local brands .but for limited budget one can easily consider these brands too. Beacuase they may get good VFM .
            7)after all I am not a spoke person for local brands or something . I too interested in Samsung s5 . but I have a maximum budget of 25k ..kindly check Sony xperia c .which also uses same mtk processor but priced nearly 18k but one can get MMX ..xolo etc at 12k ..if Qualcomm soc is considered ,kindly check xolo q1100 .which uses Qualcomm 400 quad core soc and adreno 330 GPU@400 MHz priced only 12.8k . which is around 2k less than lg l70 ..
            8) I have no complaint about build quality of xolo but after sales is still a question mark …okk thanks Rama ..hope you understand my points .after all am an LG fan.

            • Rama March 25, 2014 11:25 pm

              *See bro what essentially made me mad at your comment was that even though you yourself had experienced quality after sales service from LG you never crticized JOY and you were crticising me.

              *See all I want to say is that even branded manufacturers deserve some credit.I have already said this before and I ll say it again that its the branded manufacturers who are bringing really innovative and new things on the table by investing in R&D and are thereby moving the tech field forward.

              *See I am not biased towards branded companies.Even I have crticised companies like LG in the past for their LTE scam of G2 2013.But hey at this point of time branded companies still have an edge over local manufacturers in terms of after sales service.Local manufacturers are rapidly improving in the after sales sector but still branded manufacturers have an edge over them in terms of after sales support and they do deserve some appreciation over here.

              *If you felt my previous or this comment is rude then I am really sorry what else can I say now.

              *Yeah the Xolo Q1100 has a Qualcomm processor and I am happy about it but then again the dispaly problem appears and so does the after sales problem.Paart from that Motorola is already providing the moto g at a very affordable price and rather cheaper than Xolo Q1100.

              *Yeah the Sony Xperia C comes with a stupid mediatek processor and I have already said that Sony Xperia SP is better than C.

              • vsk March 26, 2014 7:03 am

                I never criticizing you dear . and thanks for u r above information .@joy LGS after sales is excellent according to me .stop giving false comments …@rama thanks