India has Around 893.31 Million Wireless Subscribers As of Jan 2014 : TRAI Report

Total wireless subscriber base has increased from 886.30 million in Dec 2013 to 893.31 million at the end of Jan 2014 registering a monthly growth of 0.79%. The urban wireless subscribers has declined from 59.42% to 59/25% whereas rural wireless subscribers has increased from 40.58% to 40.75% as of Jan 2014.


New Subscriber Additions :

Airtel has added 24.33 lakh new subscribers followed by Vodafone which added 17.80 lakh subscribers. Idea Cellular managed to add 15 lakh new subscribers followed by Reliance which added around 4 lakh new subscribers. Aircel and Uninor added 15.32 lakh and 11 lakh new subscribers.


VLR Data:

Out of total 893.31 million wireless subscribers, 772.65 million were active on the date of Peak VLR for the month of jan 2014. Idea leads the tally with 101.79% followed by Airtel with 96.16%. West Bengal has the highest proportion of VLR subscribers with 92.91% followed by Maharashtra. Tamil Nadu including chennai has the lowest VLR proportion.

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  • ARUN March 20, 2014 5:22 pm

    @Saurabh & SS
    I am using Idea 3G and Reliance cdma for taking internet in kerala. Reliance is giving 1.5GB EVDO(3G) data at just Rs.94 for 30 days (Earlier it was 1GB/Month for 6 months). And the downloading speed is above 100KB/s. Idea is giving 2GB 3G @ Rs.249. But now downloading speed is reduced. Mainly between 70KB/s to 250KB/s. Earlier it was above 600KB/s. I will suggest cdma for both internet and voice as they are giving it at very cheap rates.

  • Saurabh March 20, 2014 1:28 pm

    Aircel still reporting the same old base of 11092 in Haryana circle from a year and VLR data stands at 6.17% as of Jan-14 means 680-685 users still have active SIM cards and one of them is me. :p Not using Aircel now for 2G from this month as their signal became too weak indoor which used to be always full at -65dBm before mid-Feb. Don’t know whether they intentionally reduce the strength or any other reason but I can’t complain to CC also and this problem will continue as company won’t look-after this. Generated UPC code today which has a difference of 17 numbers means last time it was XXXXX556 and this time after 15 days XXXXX574 which means 16 other users here generated UPC in between. So still some Aircel Haryana users are generating UPC codes who have signal present. Will give SIM to my Himachal Pradesh friend tomorrow who will use it there on Aircel HP network with unlimited 2G plan. I myself checked the speed last time on HP network which was over 35KB/s on average.

    As far as other companies are concerned only BSNL and Videocon have their VLRs at 50 and 56% respectively in Haryana while others have well above 90% and AVoID over 95%. So Videocon’s second innings here also failed as having less than 8 lacs active customers won’t help company at all. Anything below 15 lacs doesn’t even generate operational costs.

    • SS March 20, 2014 7:28 pm

      Yes, I find that non-AVOID companies are very reluctant in deactivating inactive or low end users that makes their subscriber base high but VLR low. For example BSNL, here in UP E, BSNL has about 47% active users only.

    • irfan March 21, 2014 1:16 am

      my friend this is not the fault of your operator the signal issue is with other operators as well one and two years back when i used to travel between delhi and lucknow route by train or by road i used to get complete signals and uninterrupted talk but now days it is not possible this is because the govt has directed to reduce the signals of each BTS because they were causing some health issues to people near those BTS however no such health problems have been reported till now however in reality talking on the mobile while signals are weak cause more injury to brain and body that the signal emitted from these BTS but the old politians of our country can understand these issues .

      • Saurabh March 21, 2014 9:03 am


        Bro, I know about the Govt ruling that was implemented in 2012-13 which asked operators to reduce emission strength by 1/10th of the current value at that time. But here issue is not the one you told as Aircel has officially stopped services in Haryana in Dec 2012 but wherever their cell sites (towers) are present in Haryana they are working until now. They have reduced strength in last 1 month which surprised me as if they have obeyed the guidelines by Govt, why they kept silent for almost 18 months. Even I think, DoT must not have asked them to reduce emission rates in our town as operations were scaled down long before and they know that Aircel is not operating here officially though BTS are in working conditions. Agree with you on point that reduced emission or weak signal affects more then good signal but these politicians will remain illiterate. Now DoT is having a re-think over it and soon operators will be allowed to have a increased emission rates.

        One more thing, whenever I receive/make a call from my Aircel number, signal strength automatically becomes full even indoor and no cracking of voice or call drop even it is a session of 30 minutes but after disconnection when it becomes idle, it goes down. I have an app (PhonetInfo) in my Nokia phone that allows me to track cell ID of BTS. While phone is idle it receives signal from XXX61 and while a call is received/made, it changes to XXX63. Before mid-feb, it continuously used to latch on XXX63. But now when disconnected it goes back to XXX61 which has weaker strength. Don’t know why this is happening as phone should latch on one (i.e XXX63) with more strength. Found the same thing happening in my friend area. The cell ID used to be there was XXX43 always but now it stays only while making a call and changes to XXX41 when phone is idle. So difference of 2 (63-61 and 43-41) in both areas. So it is more of a technical problem with the BTS then the Govt rules itself otherewise it wouldn’t have become full like it used to be as normal, while making a call. :)

  • SS March 20, 2014 12:49 pm

    So, Vodafone IN has started “no 3G pack, no network” policy for inbound roamers as well, my airtel number without any 3G data pack, latches on Vodafone IN UPE 3G network for a while then gets kicked out of the network when Vodafone confirms that there aren’t any data packs active on the number.

    • Saurabh March 20, 2014 4:01 pm


      I can still latch on Idea/Voda 3G network with my Airtel Haryana SIM without any packs or even with a 2G pack (speed capping 80Kbps when Internet connected). I am active on Airtel 2GB pack from March 2. These days I don’t need to select 3G network as Airtel 2G speed is rocking over 220 Kbps all day. After this I will go to Vodafone 3G which is giving 450MB 3G data at Rs.42 for 15 days as one time offer. I have 4 SIMs and all showing offer on *121#. Will activate in 2 for first 15 days and other 2 SIM after 15 days. In that way will get 1800MB of 3G @Rs.168 for 28 days. I hope they provide better offer after using that. For 2G users who don’t have zero rental or PAYG 3G active are getting 500 MB 2G data for Rs.27 also for 15 days and one time only. :)

      After using the 3G offer one can go back to 2G by de-activating PAYG 3G and *121# start showing 2G offer. :P

  • Kanaga Deepan N March 20, 2014 11:54 am

    Hai Tarun ji.. Nice to see your articles coming frequently… First of all I have to thank you for changing your old pic after the end of article.
    Next how can Idea having more than 100% active users in the VLR data??? Does it includes other network people roaming in their network??? I guess thats the only way possible… And TN having lowest active members is expected. Here still people are getting SIMs with FREE TT, which poor people buy, use and throw away after FREE TT usage. Irony is, the number 1 network wrt active users thatz Idea is doing such things in TN, as Idea is a new operator here…

    Keep rocking buddy…

    • SS March 20, 2014 12:42 pm

      Yes, Idea cellular has VLR > 100% due to inbound national (non Idea) and international roamers roaming on their network.

  • rahul maurya March 20, 2014 9:47 am

    Friends meri speeds 525 k plan me 4gb k bad bhi @512 kbps aa rahi hai. see my result-
    So BSNL is really best.