Huawei Say No to Windows/Android Dual-OS Devices; What Should Indian Vendors Do?

HuaweiIn a recent report Chinese telecom giant Huawei has discarded its plan to launch Windows/Android dual boot OS devices. There is no exact reason they have said behind this move. Though it seems the push came from Google and Microsoft, the companies behind Android and Windows operating systems respectively. Many analysts predicted that these dual-OS devices might fail as there would be no demand for such devices among users.

We often see people install multiple operating systems on their desktops and laptops, because of the fact desktops and laptops are commonly shared among many users who have different needs.

But smartphones are actually very personal devices and more like a consume-only device. Same fact applies on tablets, but partially. So having two OS under one hood does not make sense. The laptop-tablet hybrids may see some sucess with dual boot options but it’ll be never huge.

But some of Indian companies like Micromax, Karbonn, Lava and Xolo have their plans to roll out a series of dual-OS smart devices. Microsoft is so eager to infiltrate markets in developing countries that it offers free licenses to Indian handset companies.

However Microsoft’s Windows UI is yet to win Indians’ heart and Win8.x smart devices from Indian companies may not be a great sucess story but with their pricing strategy they may create negative impact on Nokia’s Lumia series.

So what do you about Indian handset vendors’ plan to launch Windows-only and dual-boot smart devices?

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  • Lana August 8, 2014 10:30 am

    too bad! I think dual OS is a great idea. We can enjoy 2 OS in one smartphone!

  • PD July 7, 2014 7:44 pm

    Drinking and Driving …….!

  • Rama March 24, 2014 1:12 pm

    * Off topic
    *One of the most beautiful looking smartphones is all set be unveiled tomorrow,
    #The All New HTC One

  • Sudhakar March 23, 2014 9:02 pm

    Foolish decision. It should threaten the microsoft and google that if they do not allow dual booting, it (Huawei) will switch over to FIREFOX O/S.

    • Rama March 23, 2014 11:11 pm

      *Its actually a wise decision and if you’re so intelligent then give me the solutions for these problems of having a dual boot smartphone.

      *Currently whatsapp can only run on a single number on a single device.Its not possible to run whatsapp on the same number on two devices.So if you have installed whatsapp on Android then you would not get notifications of whatsapp on windows phone and if you have whatsapp on windows phone you would not get whatsapp
      notifications on android.

      *Even now it takes around 5-10 seconds for a smartphone to reboot.If someone calls you during the 5-10 secs reboot when you transit between android and windows phone then the person calling you would be told “The number you have called is currently switched off”.

      *Currently both Android and Windows Phone have different on screen touch controls.Windows Phone has back,windows and search buttons whereas Android has multi-window,back and home button.Now the smartphone would have to have dynamic on-screen touch controls so that the smartphone would accordingly adjust the on screen touch controls and work depending on the O.S running.

      *Now if you like a paticular app then you would have to install it twice one for windows phone and one for android.

      *There would be no inter-connectivity between apps.

      *You wont consider all this and you would call huawei stupid.I rather find you comment stupid.Huawei should consider firefox it seems.Do you even know how much more polished OSes like Android and Ios and even Windows Phone are compared to firefox.I find U.S and U.K based authors saying that Windows Phone is not upto the mark or not as polished as compared to Android and ios.Then how do you expect those people living in developed countries to put up with firefox OS if they are not able to adjust with windows phone.And huawei is not samung infact far from samsung,huawei just has a single digit android market share and even if they leave the android market I am willing to bet my money and say that nothing is gonna change.There are several other manfacturers out there who create products better than huawei.Even if huawei leaves android/windows.Google and Microsoft are not gonna change niether is the tech world.At the max you may see 10-20 tech articles that huwaei has abandoned android /windows and nothing else is gonna happen.

  • Kaushik March 22, 2014 8:21 am

    @Rudradeep: This is news is a bit old. Besides, there’s no mobile device that supports Windows 8.x OS. It is Windows Phone 8.x. Anyway, the main reason is the cost factor. If such devices are at all launched, these will be a little pricey, primarily because these devices will include mid-end to top-end hardware in order to improve user experience. In a price sensitive market like India, such phones will not do very well. I’m not sure about the pressure from Google and MS, but cost will be a major issue. Plus a lot of R&D needs to be done, and that will incur huge costs as well. All in all, Huawei made a wise decision.

    • Rama March 22, 2014 2:15 pm

      *Yeah its windows phone 8.1/8.0 and windows 8.1/8.0 becomes the desktop OS.

      *I strongly believe that there is pressure from both Google and Microsoft.I know the concept of a dual boot smartphone would not work out but I dont find anything wrong in devices like Samsung ATIV Q and Asus Transformer Book TD300.These devices essentially act as tablet/laptop hybrid in which the tablet version runs on android and laptop version runs on windows.These devices had been completely made and had also been demoed in certain trade shows such as MWC/CES.But still these devices after being publicly unveiled have not yet been commercially availble to the public and there is no doubt that MS and Google stopped these devices from being sold in public.I mean in this case the devices were already made and also unveiled and I can safely say that some people in developed countries were ready to a pay a premium for these dual boot android/windows laptop tablet hybrid but still they never made it,so there is certainly something fishy and MS and Google seem involved in it.

  • Rama March 21, 2014 11:41 pm

    *Mainly its because of pressure from both Google and Microsoft that dual boot devices have not come into the market.

    *Both Google and Microsoft are arch rivals and want to become No1 in each and every field.

    *Both Google and Microsoft want to achieve 100% dominance in their respective field where they compete with each other.This is pretty obvious if you consider the fact that Google has still not officially provided Google Apps for Windows Phone platform.Microsoft also collects a hefty license fee from a lot of android manufacturers.

    *Apart from that YES DUAL BOOT SYSTEMS ARE GOING TO BE A FLOP.I mean smartphones already have limited internal storage and on top of that if the smartphone has to store data for two systems then its only gonna add woes to people who like big internal storage.
    Apart from that in daily life situations also a dual boot OS will not work well.I mean take into consideration whatsapp.Now you can obviously not have whatsapp running on the same number in two different devices.So every time your in windows phone you would not get whatsapp notifications assuming that whatsapp is installed on android.There are several such instances where dual boot systems will fail.

    *As far as windows phone goes both Xolo and Karbonn have officially said that they will be providing devices with WP8.1 for as cheap as 6.5k.The best part is even at 6.5k these smartphones will have Snapdragon processors and we all know how smooth WP works on low-end hardware.Apart from that if Nokia faces competition in WP then its actually a good news for microsoft because more windows phone adoption is what they want and competition to Nokia in WP space will only happen if more manufacturers adopt WP.

    • Rama March 22, 2014 2:01 pm

      Microsoft collects patent fees and not license fee from android manufacturers.

      • Amit Sharma March 25, 2014 6:22 pm

        @Rama it seems u have recently bought a budget Android Phone and have start using Whatsapp. See everybody doesn’t buy a Tablet or Smart Phone just to use Whatsapp.There are other serious stuff too. I think u r the same guy who was compering 6 year old Nokia Xpress Music with an Android Smart Phone and saying that its better in Multi Tasking :-) in comment section of some Article :-) well ur comments are indeed JOKES OF THE YEAR……

        • Rama March 25, 2014 8:17 pm

          Hey whatsapp is just an example over here.I have made a list of 4-5 problems of having a dual boot smartphone above in a comment to sudhakar.if your so smart then give me a valid and working solution to all these problems.If your able to provide a valid solution for all those problems then I swear I ll leave Telecom Talk.Have the guts then give me the damn answers.