Exclusive: Reliance to Hike 3G tariff Starting Dec 1st

Looks like Reliance is in the process of hiking its 3G rates, recently reliance slashed its 3G data by around 50% and was offering 1GB 3G at Rs 123 but we have been getting reports from our readers who are reliance customers stating they are getting SMS from Reliance informing about the hike.

As per the recent SMS communication by Reliance to its customers the operator clearly cites about the hike which says “1GB 3G data will cost around Rs 156 with a validity of 30 Days with effective starting 1st december” .


Now we will have to wait and watch if other operators will follow the same ?

Inputs: Subham Sinha

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  • cks May 9, 2014 12:27 am

    In ODISHA still it is Rs.123/- for 1GB data till now.
    Data validity extention at Rs.57/- 30days and Rs.47/- Talktimr

  • Jalal April 9, 2014 4:49 pm

    Not 1Gb 3G at 156

  • ratlambss December 4, 2013 3:51 pm

    bsnl customers ko lootta nahi……………………….
    seva deta hai…………………….

  • sunny December 3, 2013 12:37 am

    Bsnl best 1.1gb@139/30days validity.private company will alws see their profit first. So use BSNL jago grahak jago

  • debashish pachal December 2, 2013 10:29 am

    As it is Reliance sucks! On top of that they cheat their customers. Now if they hike prices, its time to port back .

  • nkspro December 1, 2013 12:53 pm

    Damn the looters with loads of advertisements! I was not even informed about the changes and I got no sms. There was no communication from reliance that they changed the plan. Whenever they decrease even Rs. 1 on any plan, they shout their heart out. But whenever they increase even 100 rs no info is sent out. F@@uking looters. I recharged as usual for 123 and was startled to see 400 mb. If I would have known, I would have recharged with 156. Can they give me rest 600mb in Rs. 33 (156-123)?

  • umesh December 1, 2013 12:14 pm

    Has anyone tried Reliance 248 2g gprs pack it has a validity of 60 days and unlimited data usage. but i vat beliv they r really giving unlimited or reduce speed after after certain usage of data :O

    • Varun December 1, 2013 1:14 pm

      This plan is no longer available from April 2012. It is just that they haven’t updated the website.

  • Suvham December 1, 2013 5:08 am

    I got the message yesterday. Didn’t expect such a move from Reliance so soon after the introduction of 3G at 2G rates plans. Day in and day out, 2G and 3G are becoming costlier. Waiting for an operator to come up with affordable 3G plans. I know it won’t happen. With 4G coming, 2G and 3G will be more costlier.

  • SS December 1, 2013 1:40 am

    Reliance has P.h.d in task of cheating customers. Few days back i was using reliance 3g (which i usually don’t do as i use airtel 3g), and i recharged a number using paytm and when i finished off my work and closed the browser, i got a message – thanks for downloading video from store @ Rs 1.

    Its just a small recent example of the robbery.

  • Esmail November 30, 2013 11:42 pm

    It would be better to recharge with Rs.247 and get 1GB 3G data plus Rs.150 talk time for local and STD calls with 30 days validity. If you deduct the talk time from the recharge denomination the cost for 1GB data will work out to be Rs.97 and this is usable with data dongle as well.

  • Sayenn November 30, 2013 11:34 pm

    Well Reliance is offering me Rs56-80talktime in main account so recharging twice d amt 56*2=112 will giv 160talktime and self recharging from bal will be profitable only Rs112 a month for 1 GB.Its still cheaper den aircel.

    • vijay December 2, 2013 8:40 am

      Is the offer 56 is only for u or for all ?
      and tell me how to recharge gprs packs by self with our balance ?
      THANKS !

  • Subham November 30, 2013 10:58 pm

    Bsnl still giving 1.1GB@Rs.139 (10% EXTRA)!! UPTO 29th Dec,’13.

  • Suraj November 30, 2013 10:22 pm

    @Admin and friends please suggest me broadband paln / service in mumbai In which I can get unlimited downloading and uploading……………….With minimum download speed of 300-400kbps in IDM (Internet Download Manger). Suggest me how much it will cost and which is better..

    I need help guys..I’m commenting second time

    • Tharun George December 1, 2013 7:33 am

      Reliance Broadband 4Mbps unlimited @ Rs 1099 per month(No FUP). Check their website for Thunder 1099 plan. It is the fastest and cheapest broadband true unlimited plan in India. You will get above 500kbps download speed in IDM with 4mbps plans.

  • Kingston November 30, 2013 9:58 pm

    We the People of Tamilnadu proud because of AIRCEL. AIRCEL gives 1GB 3G at Rs.128

    Tamilnadu Enjoying Aircel Cheap 3G tariffs.

    Also gives 1GB 3G at Rs.67 for 7 days (You can do this recharge with RC24 100Mb and get 30 days validity)

    • Sayenn November 30, 2013 11:29 pm

      Me too using ths trick of increasing the validity by recharging Rs23 in kolkata circle.
      Aircel rocks reliance sucks.

      • Nvidia December 1, 2013 11:28 am

        Bro do we need to do this recharge after 128 Rs. recharge or before that?

        • vijay December 2, 2013 8:48 am

          Pls don’t recharge like 67+24 packs bcoz even though u have 1gb data, the recharge pack 24 keeps track of ur usage limit upto 100mb and when u completing this limit speed will be throttled and u can’t able to use the cummulative free data at a higher speed ! Bcoz i faced this problem !

        • Kingston December 2, 2013 9:49 am

          First do RC24 100MB 30 Days then do RC67 1GB 7 days validity. So you will get 1.1GB with 30days validity. Dont expect full 3G speed in this trick . . During Peak hours, you Will get only 128 kbps in this trick . . .

          • vijay December 2, 2013 9:56 pm

            will u able to get same speed after the first 100mb (for the remaining balance 1000mb) ?
            I got sms after completing the limit(100mb) as ‘you have exhausted your free usage limit and now u can browse at 1p/10kb’ but i have not charged anything rather than my data usage deducted from my remaining data balance (from 1000mb) with 64kbps throttled speed !

  • Raj November 30, 2013 9:44 pm

    Thanks god Aircel 3G is there in Bangalore
    RC 447
    per month 2GB of 3G speed and after that speed reduced 128kbps.
    Which means total 6GB ,cost of 1GB is 74.5 rs

    • Manash Pati December 1, 2013 11:52 am

      Now speed reduced to 64kbps(in odisha)…Check in ur circle

    • sourabh December 3, 2013 7:58 pm

      From where u got RC 447 information , i m not able to find this any where

  • Vinayak Pai November 30, 2013 8:49 pm

    I still feel reliance plan still makes sense at least compared to the tariffs in Karnataka. Here AIrtel offering 1GB for Rs. 251 (3G), Vodafone offering 1GB (2G) at Rs. 155. Even at 156 it is a good proposition if they are able to provide quality network.

    At the end of the day, it is the quality of the network that matters. Schemes are secondary.

  • shahid November 30, 2013 8:46 pm

    kaushik u summed it up nicely.

  • Harsh November 30, 2013 8:09 pm

    OTHERS ARE STILL OFFERING 1gb 2G at the same price point.

    • Harsh November 30, 2013 8:31 pm

      I MEAN 3G @ 2G RATES.

  • Tushar November 30, 2013 8:08 pm

    Reliance website has been updated with this pack now 123 will give 400 mb

  • Yogesh Singhal November 30, 2013 7:59 pm

    One year ago there was plan of reliance GSM of 85 rs which gives you all night free call to reliance customers local in UP and STD@ 1p/minute from 11 pm to 6 am.
    THis was nit visible on website ..slowly them increased the rates to 160 rs then removed the tariff at alll.

    They are CHEATERS!!!!!!!!

  • Rushabh November 30, 2013 7:47 pm

    In reliability option vodafone is best but 3G available nly in.metro cities and for maharashtra and south bsnl 3g best as 3g netwlrk everywhere…Airtel sucks in maharashtra while idea is good but facing disconnections nowadays

  • Darshan November 30, 2013 7:43 pm

    Its better to use AVOID group in north and mumbai nly AVO I.e airtel and vodafone…..n south and maharashtra BSNL and IDEA nly…bcuz docomo of same category.of reliancw takes 3g.chargex and providea 2g speed and network bakwaas and uninor its looks very cheap when someone calls a big advertise of uninor and then connects to the person

  • jatinder November 30, 2013 7:38 pm

    Use tata docomo

    90-600 mb

    250-1gb 3g with 222 talktime and good speed than bsnl

  • Esmail Beguwala November 30, 2013 7:24 pm

    I had seen this coming right from the time that reliance had slashed the 3G data tariffs to 50% and I had even pointed out how behind the scenes they had hiked the higher denomination pack tariffs and discontinued the long term data packs. Here is a link to the TT article I wrote at that time which was criticized by many who were blinded by the shine of Reliance and its nobleness
    Wonder what they have to say now 😛

  • Kaushik Roy November 30, 2013 7:03 pm

    This is not at all surprising for people who follow reliance for last 8-10 years
    They are the master of cheating people and playing with emotions of them and it results in loss of customer and trust to RCOM. Now majority people simply dont trust RCOM
    I am listing few instances where reliance offers are changed without any information for Kolkata Circles:
    1)Back in 2006 when RGSM first time launched in kolkata with name SMART and offered call rates of R2R 19 p/min,R2O – 59p/min for lifetime.This offer at that time is lowest among others. But within 1 year this offer ended and for existing customers the necessary STV was withdrawn from market by RGSM deliberately
    2)In 2009 they started simply reliance 3 plans which offers 50p/min, 1p/1s and Rs 1.20/3 mins for were valid in local/STD/Roaming for lifetime. But these offers are not applicable now even for old customers because RCOM stopped roaming plans at 1p/1s or 50p/min for its customers
    3)There are offers also like R2R 15p/min and other local 35p/min. But these plans are withdrawn without prior information
    There are also news of reliance deducting VAS even if balance is less than Rs 10 for almost all customers and customers has to daily call to CC for getting money deducted which they refunded easily without any harrassment. That means RCOM CC knows they are deducting money illegally and when someone complaints they refunded immediately. only 10% people will complain to CC and rest will not and RCOM looting these customers at ease.

    If you know other RCOM tariff change – please post in TT

  • Manash Pati November 30, 2013 7:00 pm

    New rates of reliance 3G
    Rs123 = 400MB
    Rs156 = 1GB
    Rs246 = 1.5GB
    Rs492 = 3GB
    also same condition exists “Recharge not applicable for usage in 3G dongles.Data Benefits will be forfeited if the recharge is done for usage in Data Dongles”

  • Manish Adhikari November 30, 2013 6:09 pm

    Got the same SMS today regarding hike in 3G Data tariff by Reliance. But i am still confused that this plan changed for 1GB only or applicable in other recharges also. i.e., Rs. 246/- for 2GB and Rs. 492/- for 4GB.

    Well it’s not a new news for us because we all are familiar with this cheat policy of Reliance. I recharged by reliance number on 28th November 2013 for Rs. 123/- (1GB 3G Data) used for my Mobile phone but till now after 48h still getting 510MB only. Customer care executives are always clueless as usual and seems to be dumb who said that they are helpless to sort out this problem.

    From my point of view if you can afford then go with Airtel or Vodafone in Delhi-NCR region and if you are bit higher Data user then go with Airtel and recharge your number from their website only (Airtel gives 2.5GB in Rs. 449/- in their web exclusive recharges in all circles). Although they are not so superfast like reliance but gives you steady and good speed all the time.

  • Dump Head November 30, 2013 4:05 pm

    Soon BSNL to do the same. India’s no.1 A-VO-ID supporter. No doubt in that,crystal clear thing. One thing too those who take reliance has got alien mind,they cannot think and do properly,ghostly character they have.

  • lcke November 30, 2013 4:02 pm

    waiting for reliance 4g to change the game.

  • Muhawid p b November 30, 2013 3:18 pm

    Can I use this new 3g plan in 3g dongle/ laptop?
    Is wifi tethering enabled in this new recharge?

    Awaiting reply from admin…

  • gaurav November 30, 2013 2:26 pm

    with hike of price reliance should remove all its restrictions. Rs.123 1Gb plan is only for android users.

    • Vineet November 30, 2013 4:41 pm

      No everybody can use it.it can be used by every phone.

      • gaurav November 30, 2013 10:07 pm

        But we can’t use Rs.123 1GB offer in dongles…

  • Suraj November 30, 2013 2:17 pm

    Friend’s I want helps from you….please suggest me broadband paln / service in mumbai In which I can get unlimited downloading and uploading……………….With minimum download speed of 300-400kbps in IDM (Internet Download Manger). Suggest me how much it will cost and which is better..

    • Kaushik December 1, 2013 12:08 am

      Try MTNL DSL unlimited rs.550 or 650 plan. Check it in their website

  • Sathish, Gobichettipalayam. November 30, 2013 2:12 pm

    So finally, everlasting BSNL 3G network is the one and only option for most cheapest 3G internet users across PAN India .

    BSNL 3G present cost: 1GB 3G data is Rs.139 (if you activation by SMS mode Rs.123.71)


    • Dump Head November 30, 2013 4:11 pm

      Bsnl ha ha ha,bsnl is nothing but only a damned network only meant to bring shame for our country. They too going to increase the rate friend. They have to,they have no other options. The headquarters of avoid group is situated inside the bsnl house Delhi.

  • Rohan Pote November 30, 2013 2:09 pm

    Now it’s time to port to the airtel back.

  • SS November 30, 2013 1:52 pm

    LOL! When the news of reliance slashing the 3g rates was out, at that moment i said that its not going to be implemented for long time and the same happened. This company has a bad name of cheating customer and this step is its part.

    Now, 156 isn’t costly much but airtel delhi is giving 1 gb 3g for 157 for all delhi customers and that too with no recharge restrictions. Who’s gonna go for reliance crap 2g network.

    • Vikas November 30, 2013 2:33 pm

      @ss you are wrong its just one time offer ,i have checked it twice.

      • SS November 30, 2013 4:02 pm

        No they say it as a one time offer but i have recharged it twice with no problems and still am getting this offer thru sms.

        • Vikas November 30, 2013 4:42 pm

          I recharged with rs.157 on my airtel delhi no. using ngpay and paytm both failed to do the recharge and money got refunded

  • Subham November 30, 2013 1:49 pm

    Yes,wireline broadbands are much cheaper than this.

  • Tharun George November 30, 2013 1:44 pm

    Reliance is with AVoId. It was clear when they hike 2g rates last year. Reliance traitor.

    Avoid is trying to unify 3g 2g rates around Rs 150 – 200 by hiking 2g rates and may reduce 3g rates a little.

  • deril November 30, 2013 1:29 pm

    its better to use 549rs 1mbps unlimited WITH NO FUP wireline broadband than this……

    • Vikas November 30, 2013 6:31 pm


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