Airtel and BSNL customers are more loyal to their Network : Our Analysis

Hope it was a very interesting poll dear readers. I really enjoyed reading all the entries submitted. Coming to the results, as already promised i have gone through all the the submissions and gathered a good list of all those entries that grabbed my attention.

Before getting into the results straight away lets check what  the poll statistics says:


We got highest number of entries from Tamil Nadu followed by Mumbai/Kerala and Karnataka.


Airtel is clearly the winner followed by BSNL/MTNL and Vodafone IN.


Point to be noted:Most of the loyal customers are not looking for any special services from providers and are just sticking to the services they really want.

When asked what services are you getting from your Loyal Brand?

I have gone through all the entries and jotted few important services

  1. Missed Call Alerts
  2. Dedicated CC Team
  3. Customized plans
  4. Some freebies


It can be observed that most of the loyal customers have rated 10 to their operators.From this we can infer that those customers who are completely satisfied with their operator are being loyal to their operator brand.

 Whats that one Reason you stick with that Operator?

Again I have gone through all the entries and jotted few important services:

(While this parameter varies with individual to individual i have taken the most common parameters into consideration)

  1. Network
  2. No False deductions
  3. Special Bond due to personal reasons
  4. Qos
  5. Tariff

Customer feedbacks what we received which are worth reading:

1. Operator: Vodafone Customer | Name: Sanchit Malhotra | Circle:Delhi:High Quality of services at my place. A relationship Center nearby and a 24 hr Kiosk wherein I can pay my bills. Movie Offers and other offers are great too.

2.Operator:TATA DOCOMO | Customer Name:Aditya iyer | Circle:Mumbai:Tata never cheats on my bill.Network is ok, but billing is very honest. good value for money plans as well.

3.Operator:BSNL/MTNL | Customer Name:Balram | Circle:UP:Network available at every place for calling (that is 2g)(i faced prob 4 or 5 times only since 2006)

4.Operator:BSNL/MTNL | Customer Name:Suhail | Circle:Kerala:Best tariffs without STV! That’s why I love it and good coverage!

5.Operator:Airtel | Customer Name:Amit Kumar Das | Circle:Kolkata:Best coverage, Best network, Best Quality Of Service, Best Customer support, Prompt Service. Their service team even came to my house to solve a minor coverage issue.

6.Operator:Aircel |Customer Name:Hitesh | Circle:Andhra Pradesh:Cheaper Than Others With Better Network

7.Operator:Vodafone | Customer Name:Gavin Mathos | Circle:Maharashtra:High Speed Internet,Good Network,Giving Special Offers,No unwanted Messages.24 Hour Recharge or Payment available though Online or through Vodafone Kiosk,Good Tariff Plans,Faster resolution of Complains through Customer Care, Vodafone Store, Nodal / Appelate Officer or though Website.I likeVodafone. Vodafone is the Best!!!.

8.Operator:Airtel| Customer Name:Aaruna | Circle:Andhra Pradesh:it is reliable and available everywhere

9.Operator:Reliance | Customer Name:R R Kumar |Circle:Tamil Nadu:Great coverage and voice clarity of Reliance CDMA.

10.Operator:TATA DOCOMO | Customer Name:Pankaj Purohit |Circle:Mumbai:Special affection to brand TATA due to transparent service.

11.Operator:TATA DOCOMO |Customer Name:Deepak |Circle:Andhra Pradesh:I love the sec pulse idea! TATA DOCOMO revolutionized the telecom sector in India! Its the most innovative operator in India! But Now A Days the prices are high,But still like to stick with them.

12.Operator:MTS|Customer Name:Chaitanya das| Circle:West Bengal:Always give special recharges like full talk time and more talk time, and the best voice quality, 2g net quality and also lowest tariff.

13.Operator:Reliance | Customer Name:PRAKASH WADEYAR | Circle:Karnataka:Network quality matters more than call rates, and I’m getting best cdma network.

14.Operator:Aircel |Customer Name:Jayant Bedwal |Circle:Rajasthan:Once I was roaming in bangalore and somehow i was not getting on Aircel network instead i was roaming on Vodafone, so even after having the roaming pack i was not able to get its benefits.So i complained to the team and one of their representative visited me and solved my problem as there was something wrong with my device.So even though i was prepaid subscriber, the concern they showed was awesome and that’s the reason i have added 6 to 7 customers on their network by telling all my relatives and friends to opt for Aircel.Even if someone still ask me which network to prefer I always suggest Aircel. Its great to be subscriber of such a network.There have been other instances of activation of unwanted services and every time, if it was not my fault I have received my full money back. With other companies the day I take a sim I turn on DND but that’s not the case with Aircel because I trust them that no unwanted services will be activated.

15.Operator:BSNL/MTNL | Customer Name:SANJIB BANERJEE | Circle:Kolkata:my network present all over India, Kashmir to kanyakumari ka.

16.Operator:Idea Cellular | Customer Name:kunal vashishtha | Circle:Haryana:I every year get personalized wishes from Idea Cellular . Like b’day wishes , new year.

17.Operator:BSNL/MTNL |Customer Name:Anilkumar |Circle:Kerala:No gimmicks, no hidden agenda, no unwanted calls

18.Operator:BSNL/MTNL | Customer Name:Ranajit Singh | Circle:West Bengal:Indian National Network.Average Service throughout India.No Unwanted Deductions.Transparent Plans.Responds quickly to my service requests.

19.Operator:Reliance | Customer Name:Amit Dutta | Circle:Mumbai:B’day wish .Fast resolution of issue no wait for connecting to cc team when calling customer care number .After issue is solved call from Applet desk to verify issue been resolved or not.

20.Operator:Airtel | Customer Name:rachit | Circle:Delhi:Best retention plans n team …..Airtel u rock;)

21.Operator:Airtel | Customer Name:Shivang Singh (SS) | Circle:Delhi:Awesome network, best QoS and everything from scratch. Best Customer care team and of course twitter. Costly tariffs doesn’t matter me!

22.Operator:Airtel | Customer Name:Rajat Tyagi | Circle:Delhi:very caring company, listens to all complaints and requests, provides best services and tariffs. quick and prompt response to customer requirements. has everything a customer wants. wonderfull experience.

23.Operator:BSNL/MTNL | Customer Name:Suku |Circle:Kerala:Just love it. Excellent coverage, moderate 3G,lowest tariff compared to other operators. And that too, without STv. The 139 Internet pack and 135 call pack is enough for a month!

24.Operator:Airtel | Customer Name:parag |Circle:Maharashtra:B’day Greetings,Festival Greetings,Network available most of the places

25:Operator:Idea Cellular | Customer Name:Vishal Jain | Circle:Uttar Pradesh (West):its strong network. clear sound quality, no call drops, good customer care service, USSD service (self help care).

26:Operator:Vodafone IN | Customer Name:Praveen |Circle:Tamil Nadu:very much dedicated CC , helps out in every way possible and of course wishes me on my birthday 🙂

27:Operator:Airtel | Customer Name:Kapil Gupta | Circle:Delhi:Best Customer Care, Best Network, Best Internet Experience. I am saying this after trying every network.

28:Operator:Airtel | Customer Name:Jayson Gopi |Circle:Mumbai:Network, never had any problem, easy to switch plan and easy to get details of balance deduction.

29.Operator:Airtel | Customer Name:Sreedhar | Circle:Andhra Pradesh:What can i tell about Airtel… ITS JUST AWESOME!!! the best network quality, they provide me free calling STV’s, lower data charges and many more.My friends always say, why Airtel gives offers to me and not to them.Its totally like, Airtel, makes me feel like i am special to them.

30.Operator:Aircel | Customer Name:marshal | Circle:West Bengal:as i m a student , i need Cheap offers. network availsble at my place… & i am getting.

31.Operator:Uninor | Customer Name:JIGAR PATEL | Circle:Gujarat:We can start any offer through COMMON no. *222*7* no. # USSD balance is my main reason to stick with uninor and even in National roaming we can start and stop any service my reason to stick with Uninor

32.Operator:BSNL/MTNL | Customer Name:PT Ghansham sharma | Circle:Maharashtra:best for common man…BSNL/MTNL

33.Operator:Aircel | Customer Name:Imon| Circle:Kolkata:sends me daily tips ,,jokes ,, free net when i hvnt a net pack

34.Operator:Reliance Mobile | Customer Name:Shyam |Circle:Kerala:Tariff, Transparent Billing, The Network that is Available 24/7*365*11 Yrs. No Congestion faced in making calls till date, No call Drop, awsome coverage while Roaming & Superior Voice Clarity. Data Speeds 1X & then EVDO never gone below the benchmark.Also The Only operator That Provides the Specials packs Atleast for 6 Months, unlike Airtel,voda & idea who pull back the packs after getting the customer.

35.Operator:Airtel | Customer Name:Abrar Shaikh | Circle:Gujarat:I have been Airtel customer (mobile & Digital TV) since last many years and what I have noticed that over the years they have constantly improved their information systems to give more personalized user experience.Moreover they have always listened to what I have written to them in the past and also sent me a gift as a goodwill gesture a couple of times. I still remember that in 2005 an ICICI bank credit card was offered to me by Airtel under their agreement with ICICI.Also there are hardly any annoyances such as unwanted VAS activation, QOS, network congestion etc.However I have been forced to use network of BSNL after launch of 3G because the IDEA network which Airtel uses for providing 3G services in my area isn’t very good.

36.Operator:BSNL/MTNL | Customer Name:hakshul Saroop V M | Circle:Kerala:Network Coverage Every Where I Go.From Town To Rural Villages, Forests,Mountains Every Were I Never Loss the network 🙂

37.Operator:Idea Cellular | Customer Name:Abhijit Sandhan|Circle:Maharashtra:Good Network, no false deductions or VAS activations, prompt and satisfactory response to the issues raised via email.Once I recharged with my idea my offer 124rs. 3G which was going to provide 1GB instead of 375MB. but I don’t got 1GB, raised complaint via phone but nothing happened. After that, dropped an email to Idea team and got rs, 249 3G 1GB recharge done by them as privileged customer.After some days, emailed them raising concerns about not getting postpaid deposit even after 60days of post to pre migration. Within next 3 working days got an email stating apology and refund was processed. got the check within 6 days. The email team understands, works on the problem and then replies. This is really great! never got such good support via email from any operator.

38.Operator:Airtel | Customer Name:rahul psnishap | Circle:Haryana:Quality and dedication

39.Operator:Airtel | Customer Name:Shameer | Circle:Kerala:They never took a single penny without a reason causing me problem with them. The quality of service is excellent that I never had major issues in the network! Also Airtel supports to develop football in India than Cricket and they are official sponsor of my favourite club Manchester United.

40.Operator:BSNL/MTNL | Customer Name:Sujith | Circle:Karnataka:Very good coverage, helped me in some resorts inside forest where other operators doesn’t have coverage. The tariffs were very low if you know all the stvs and facilities they provide. Other customers complain since they are not aware of the complete tariff provided by BSNL and BSNL is very poor in marketing. Customer service center once converted my prepaid to postpaid within a day in 2001 when I have to travel to north states the very next day. In my home when the internal coverage was poor I complained to the higher officials and they tried their best by adjusting the transceiver direction and they interacted with me with very great respect as a customer

41.Operator:BSNL/MTNL | Customer Name:Khaleel | Circle:Kerala:No unwanted VAS activation.No promo calls.Owned by govt.Transparency in operation and billing and services.Good tariff and better 3g packs.No *conditions apply stuff.

41.Operator:Airtel | Customer Name:Ved | Circle:Madhya Pradesh:Its only network that never glitch and best QOS ,no beeps in calls,even in moving conditions specially in trains most of the times your network is full and net connectivity is best in moving conditions it provides 0 buffering in videos on cellphones,USSD service is updated on daily basis,Airtel Money is awesome service from Airtel .Thanks Airtel for the awesome network and services

42.Operator:Reliance CDMA | Customer Name:Joji | Circle:Kerala:Network has never let me down. Voice clarity, No call Drops. And no Complaints. No issues faced while roaming & not Billing issue Ever faced. Hats Off to Reliance CDMA

43.Operator:BSNL/MTNL | Customer Name:Simon D | Circle:Tamil Nadu:No Fake advertisement.Giving alert SMS about tariff change on particular days

So, it can be concluded that Customers are more Loyal to their Networks which are giving them the services they require considering their personal usage patterns like (Students requires cheap tariff,Business man require Quality and service and so on) and hope our Network Operators also listen user’s voice and plan Network/Tariff accordingly while improving their Business and customer base.

If you haven’t checked the earlier post for Poll, check it here.

Hope you enjoyed reading all the comments and if there is anything we have missed out to voice let us know via comments. You can also still voice out your opinions in the comments section.

PS:It took us nearly 12 long hours at a stretch for coming up with this poll result and we hope it’s worth a read/share.Do let me know your opinion,I’m happy to hear.

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  • Ayysh Sharma April 12, 2015 10:45 pm

    Its a request to all vodafone users that they should not use vodafone service as it is British company.
    Show some patriotism

    • Shashank April 18, 2016 10:45 pm

      Hello do you know what swami vivekananda said

  • SAN - CHENNAI August 24, 2014 5:02 pm

    Airtel – Airtel is the clear winner. Network – ALL INDIA No.1
    Customer Care – Not bad. Tariff: Very High & costly. Online Services – Little poor!
    Offers: Not worthy Validity: Poor 3G: No.2 /after vodafone MAX SPEED ONLY 4 MBPS

    BSNL – BSNL Network
    Customer Care – Not bad. Tariff: Cheap compare to other operators. Online Services – poor!
    Offers: Not worthy | Validity: Not bad 3G – NOT BAD

    Aircel – Aircel Network – Okay, but not like airtel
    Customer Care – Not bad. Tariff: Costly as airtel. Online Services – Poor!
    Offers: Poor | Validity: poor 3G – WORST

    Reliance GSM – RGSM Network – Okay, but poor in most of places
    Customer Care – POOR. Tariff: Costly in 2014 / Poor. Online Services – Poor!
    Offers: Poor | Validity: Came Down! 3G: WORST IN TAMILNADU TIE UP WITH AIRCEL

    RELIANCE CDMA – RCDMA Network – Okay, BEST
    Customer Care – POOR. Tariff: costly in 2014. Online Services – Poor!
    Offers: Poor | Validity: poor 3G: POOR

    TATA DOCOMO – TATA GSM Network – Okay, but not like airtel
    Customer Care – GOOD. Tariff: GOOD. Online Services – GOOD!
    Offers: NOT BAD | Validity: GOOD 3G: NOT AVL

    VODAFONE – VODAFONE Network – Okay, like airtel
    Customer Care – VERY GOOD. Tariff: AS AIRTEL!. Online Services – GOOD!

    IDEA CELLULAR – Idea Network -Lifeless Network, (Poor in Metro City – Chennai – Not well developed)
    Customer Care – Un Trained / bad. Tariff: poor/not worthy. Online Services – poor!
    Offers: NOT BAD | Validity: POOR 3G: BEST SPEED BUT POOR NETWORK – MAX SPEED CHECKED – 5.4MBPS (IDEA 3G with Vodafone in Chennai)

    MTS – best in all, Network, CC, Val & offers, VAS etc.

    Best for me:–
    Airtel => Reliance CDMA
    TATA => MTS

  • Dhon May 31, 2014 4:00 pm

    My Opinion:

    Airtel:- – No.1 GSM Network Operator, good Voice Clarity, VAS, 3G 2G, DND, VERY GOOD COVERAGE, Customer Care
    Vodafone- GSM Network = good Voice Quality, VAS, 2G &3G, DND,
    Coverage is Okay, Best Customer Care
    Idea- GSM Operator, Good Network only in selected places, Voice Quality is Not Bad, VAS, 2G &3G, DND, Poor Customer Care
    Reliance CDMA = No.1 in CDMA Coverage, Comparative 100% best in CDMA while airtel best in GSM
    Poor Customercare!

  • Ansary TA January 11, 2014 1:42 pm

    In Kerala, Bsnl & Airtel are best! (my opinion)

    Bsnl have Better coverage, No unwanted balance deduction. but network quality is not good. bad customer care..

    Airtel have Little coverage but excellent customer care, excellent network quality & voice clarity.. also provide good offers like voice & sms

  • hmm November 11, 2013 12:29 pm

    Do people stay with BSNL due to loyalty or because they are the only ones who provide coverage in every desert, slum, hill, isolated village and tribal area in India??

  • gopal November 11, 2013 12:21 pm

    BSNL/MTNL are govenment PSU .The benifits going to Government.But the private operator gains are going to individuals/other countries

  • Usha M November 11, 2013 10:34 am

    Very very useful survey for all service providers
    Any provider must be loyal to customer
    Thanks for TelecomTalk

  • Kaushik Roy November 10, 2013 10:47 am

    Airtel reduces cost of Special Tariff Vouchers in kolkata circle:
    RC 78- all local airtel 2 airtel – 10 p/min for 30 days, previously – 125 for 30 days
    RC 51 – all local calls 1.2 p/2sec for 30 days, previously – 65 for 30 days
    New RC 66 – all local airtel calls 20 p/min and other local mobile 30 p/min for 30 days

  • Angshuman November 10, 2013 1:50 am

    i cant agree that airtel service team came to AMIT DAS’s home to solve coverage issue. Its false. Here, in Bangur Avenue, Kolkata, airtel has coverage issues, very low coverge here. I have told the cc to solve it several times. But they havent taken any steps saying that my mobile is faulty( its galaxy s4 ! ).. Shame on airtel..

    • Kunal--West Bengal November 10, 2013 3:47 pm

      Its true, I am from Raychak, south 24 pgs, for minor problem, airtel team has visited my house.

    • asdf November 11, 2013 12:25 pm

      He’s probably a postpaid customer that usually has reasonably high bills. Mobile operators treat postpaid customers very, very differently to prepaid.

      • Kunal--West Bengal November 12, 2013 7:05 pm

        No, prepaid same as postpaid.

  • Akhil Mohan November 9, 2013 9:53 pm

    Loyalty for me is staying on BSNL ignoring pathetic internet speeds. I don’t know why I use it. Actually I don’t have any other option. the only 3G operators in Kerala are !dea, BSNL and DoCoMo. DoCoMo is having a freak 40 minutes policy. Idea surprised me by deducting 30 Rs just after 2 hours after activating the sim. So I recharge my idea sim with internet packs and keep it zero balance and I use BSNL for calls.
    I stay on BSNL because it served me well for 8 years. So I think its unfair to port out because of 2 months bad service. Still hope they improve their service.

    • sankararaj November 10, 2013 7:43 am

      BSNL continuously improve their services upto your expectations. Thank you Mohan

    • sdg November 11, 2013 12:27 pm

      BSNL has the worst service ever. The only positives they have are better coverage than anyone else in rural areas, and they are cheap.

  • A Mohapatra November 9, 2013 6:41 pm

    Well, in the section “Age on the network” it seems some customers have given their own age instead of age on the network. An entry “27 years” and other similar values indicate so.

    Btw, Airtel I expected on the top but BSNL just nest to it is little surprising though most govt employees are indeed expected to remain loyal to it for reasons best known to all, and they form the major share of BSNL’s net customer count.

  • SS November 9, 2013 2:11 pm

    It should be considered that my choice for a particular operator is only limited to a particular circle. For example i like airtel in delhi circle but not at all in UP EAST and i think people have the same experiences.

    One thing i would like to tell our readers that vodafone is the only operator which provides good speeds in many circle. This is out of my roaming experience.

    • Srikapardhi November 9, 2013 2:21 pm

      Exactly, Vodafone gives Good GPRS speeds in almost all circles.

  • arka November 9, 2013 2:09 pm

    Dear all TT readers from AP, a good news for you. AIRCEL is testing it’s 4G SERVICES.Hope,they’ll launch it within couple of months.

  • deril November 9, 2013 1:54 pm

    Pretty interesting result abt idea…..
    And they deserve it…….

  • arshad November 9, 2013 12:11 pm

    this site is doing a great job please make it for gprs alsoooooooooooooo.

  • Muhawid P B November 9, 2013 12:02 pm

    Hi Readers,Please share 2g and 3g internet speeds provided by the operators in your area. Share the speed in both kbps and KBPS to avoid confusion . Also share your CIRCLE name and band whether it is 900/1800/2100 used by the operators…and in which band you feel more voice quality?

    Let me know your experience.
    Lets see which operator wins here….

    • Srikapardhi November 9, 2013 12:04 pm

      Yes, GPRS Speed is a most important factor.Have planned something for it too.

      • Arun Chandran November 9, 2013 12:18 pm

        Waiting for that.

  • Sutripta Roy November 9, 2013 11:57 am

    I’m surprise to see that TATA DOCOMO too has postpaid customers !!! LOLZ……….. Network ka to pata nehi.Log prepaid connection chhor raha hai yaha Kolkata mein.Aur kuch log postpaid connection use kar raha hai……really I’m surprised ! Ha ha ha ha ha…………….

    • arka November 9, 2013 2:26 pm

      In Metro circles(like Mumbai,Bangalore)-it has best coverage(can compare with AIRTEL,VODAFONE IN). In Kolkata,it is good only at proper metro areas.But,with some distance from Kolkata and nearby rural area,it is worst.Somewhere it shows 1-2 bar(like 24-pgs) or it catch VODAFONE IN network.Their tariff is also high(like Idea,Airtel),so people opt for IDEA(Fastest expanding network,network coverage just below AIRTEL,VODOFONE IN-who have 900MHz) or AIRCEL(cheapest tariff for CALL/SMS/DATA).Their ARPU is also much lower than other metro circles(i.e, Mumbai,Bangalore).

      • Sutripta Roy November 10, 2013 12:14 am

        Yah! you are right.But do you know that Docomo GSM is stopped its service in West Bengal Circle.Now it only serves for Kolkata.Aircel is giving the network coverage in West Bengal for all bengal Docomo GSM sustomers.

        • arka November 11, 2013 12:20 pm

          I hardly roam at west Bengal.However,I visited a rural place with TATA DOCOMO sim and that around 2yrs ago.Then,It latched with VODAFORE IN network and all calls are in roaming rate with Rs. 3.45/sms.That was my last TATA DOCOMO experience.After that,I never ever use TATA DOCOMO for any purpose.
          puro faltu Network!! 🙂

      • Sutripta Roy November 10, 2013 12:48 am

        Another thing for Docomo GSM that some places in metro kolkata is still not have good coverage by Docomo. Where Idea,Reliance,Aircel and all the major brands is giving full network there they have no network.I,myself,have faced this problem many times. But except these problems their service is as well as Airtel and Vodafone.A main thing that Docomo is the only connection with Airtel that has good motion service.In moving train there is no voice break in their network.I didn’t find any network apart from Docomo and Airtel that serves with this quality of service.And this service Docomo gave me at remote areas of West Bengal with a moving train of speed near about 150km and the place around was 200km away from nearest town!!!(When Docomo was alive in west bengal zone).

        • Bibhas November 10, 2013 8:49 am

          Because, TATA DOCOMO already stopped their business from ROWB circle.

  • Arun Chandran November 9, 2013 10:31 am

    Great done by Srikapardhi.
    Airtel on the first place as expected with their quality of service, coverage etc.
    Surpricing to see that bsnl/mtnl attain the second place.I think vodafone will attain that position. I am using idea & airtel n/w in kerala. Ported out from bsnl to idea. Now i decided to take a new bsnl sim bcz of their best 3g tariff and call rate.

  • Shiv November 9, 2013 10:19 am

    You should provide city and operator wise details. indicating, which city, which operator is liked/ disliked. this analysis is not much of any use till then.

  • raj November 9, 2013 9:26 am

    Good news for karnataka bsnl user

    STV-10 validity for 7 days

    i)All Loc/STD voice calls to
    Any-net at 35ps/Min.
    (ii)All Loc/STD SMS to Any-
    net at 10ps/SMS

    Note :This is for 90 days only

  • Abhay November 9, 2013 8:57 am

    Its not a matter of loyalty. Its a matter of coverage and services. Airtel is known for its services and BSNL is known for coverage. BSNL has coverage even in those areas where private operators do not find profitable business so customers are left with no option other than BSNL. As far as services are concern still no other operator has any match for Airtel. So its not a matter of loyalty but a matter of choice by services and coverage.

    • Sutripta Roy November 9, 2013 11:51 am

      You are totally right.If anyone truly loyal with their operator then why there is no Uninor customer??? videocon customer??? because their service and coverage is not satisfactory. So,there is no loyalty matters,only service and coverage matters.If service(network,free services,personal care) is good then people can adjust with high rate.And if you want low rate then you have to adjust with bad coverage.And then whenever their coverage would be grown you have to pay high rate.

      • souradip November 9, 2013 11:50 pm

        ya thats right many of the people cry high price bla bla bla but they dont think that quality and price are proportional good quality mean high or more price

    • Debopratim Roy November 11, 2013 10:18 pm

      Being with CELLONE(Bsnl) since 2003 has really been a memorable experience and at no point it came into my mind to migrate to any other private operator whose services are very expensive as hidden cost are preloaded. Calcutta Telephones mobile services has improved a lot be it prepaid or postpaid and their coverage is also robust. They serve where ever we dare to go. So if you have a service provider who connects you every now and then the faith and loyalty comes automatically.
      Bsnl’s crystal clear network is spanned across the country there by ensuring smooth conversations. From kashmir to Kanyakumari India is one@ CellOne. Bsnl best hai mere liye!

  • SS November 9, 2013 8:31 am

    Results as expected! Its good to see that every operator has its loyal customers.

    • Srikapardhi November 9, 2013 11:26 am

      Yes, 😉

    • upesh November 10, 2013 4:17 pm

      And reliance videocon and tata also has many loyal customers 🙂

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