Airtel 3G Review – Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad)

Airtel 3G Review Andhra Pradesh HyderabadAs already shared on TT, AIRTEL has launched its 3G services in Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad city) yesterday.

With the Hyderabad launch covered on TT (AIRTEL 3G Service Now in Hyderabad – Andhra Pradesh) we put the services to the test.

Airtel’s 3G FREE Trial offer:
Nil – unlike Tata Docomo’s offer of 150 MB free (November 2009) OR Aircel’s offer of 250 MB Free data usage + 50 Minutes Free Video calling (March 2011).

Airtel is not offering any freebies to its customers. It’s “PAY AS YOU GO” all the way!


Activation was really simple, with one having to send <3G> to 121. Within a few seconds the following response was received:

05-04-2011 23:49 – Thank you for your request for 3G activation. To enjoy fast internet access, the handset needs to be 3G compatible. You will be charged @ 30p/20KB. In case you are already subscribed to 2G data pack, then the same will be deactivated. Please reply with 1 to confirm.

Having noted the friendly ‘warning’ that you will LOSE ALL EXISTING 2G DATA , the confirmation <1> was sent to 121.

05-04-2011 23:49

Thank you for your request. 3G services will be activated within 4 Hrs. You will receive a confirmation sms on activation of the services. Post activation, to choose your data plan, please send 3G to 121 again. Once 3G services are activated, please select Dual network mode/Auto mode/2G & 3G mode in your phone network settings to latch on to 3G network

05-04-2011 23:50

3G services have been activated on your mobile. If you wish to change 3G bill plan, SMS 3G to 121.

Re-sending <3G> to 121 provides the following response:

05-04-2011 23:55

3G services is already active on your number. To choose/change your Plan, reply with 1. 1-Data Plans 2-Deactivate 3G

Responding with <1> provides all available 3G options:

05-04-2011 23:56 –

1- Rs. 9 Free 10MB

2- Rs. 60 Free 65MB

3- Rs. 45 30 Mins

4- Rs. 99 Free 100MB

5- Rs. 198 Free 250MB

6- Rs. 450 Free 600 MB

7- Rs. 750 Free 2GB

8- Rs. 675 Free1.25GB

9- Rs. 25 Plan

If you wish to activate this plan, please reply with the number of your plan above to confirm.

Responding with <3> to avail the Rs 45 – 30 MINS plan:

05-04-2011 23:57

Rs. 45 Free 30 Mins : After free data, charges are 30p/20KB. Validity 1 day, Video Call 5p/sec on Local, STD and Roaming Please reply with 1 to confirm

05-04-2011 23:57 – Your Rs.45 Free 30 Mins Plan is successfully activated.


With the Rs 45 plan activated, there was NO DATA TRANSFER either to/from the mobile. Seems to be an error on the part of AIRTEL as even after Rs 45 was charged, no 3G service was provided!


Switching into a non-Rs45 plan (ie Default “Pay As You Go” plan speeds were observed as shared below. While browsing speeds can vary by the second, the actual data speeds ranged from 274 to 1083 Kbps, quite impressive for peak hour traffic (Testing done between 11:45 pm – midnight on 05 April).

Data transfer size Speed Recorded

100 KB 273.973 Kbps

500 KB 757.576 Kbps

1000 KB 1082.544 Kbps

Screenshots of the same are shared below:

While checking browsing speeds, one needs to keep in mind the following:

*Capacity of Handset used – Nokia C6-01 (supports speeds upto 10.2MBPS)

*Signal Strength of BTS (Tower) logged into

*Simultaneous Users (both Voice& Data) in the BTS (Tower) logged into

*Website being accessed –

CONCLUSION: With a browsing speed of upto 1082 Kbps and few 3G users on Day One of launch, there would in all possibility be further deterioration in speeds as the number of simultaneous users increases. Also non-availability of service with Rs 45 deducted is a critical instance of charges levied without service provided – something that the AIRTEL technical team needs to immediately look into.

Overall rating: 3/5.

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  • siva November 16, 2012 10:03 pm

    I’m using airtel 2g internet plan in huawei dongle and getting around 10-15kBy/s in a normal day, 25-28kBy/s in night time after 12 O clocks. I thought that the plan may support EDGE network. We unable to download large files (like youtube videos by youtube downloader) from websites and stops automatically (resetting to zero) after 50-70% of file download, because of by 2g internet plans. Then I tried with 3g plan for downloading a large files of 150mb, received a download speed around 250-400kBy/s at evening time. Its unbelievable, amazing dongle and product supports upto 7.2mbps.
    Actually large files downloadings are possible in 2g plan of good networking condition but power failure is an issue.

    ? Note:
    For airtel customers or any other customers too

    • Don’t use 2g internet plans in 3g sim, bcoz 2g internet plan supports GPRS in 3g sim and you will get only…….. 12kBy/s. it frustrating may be tactics, tricks of service providers,
    • EDGE network may supports for 2g sim you will get 15-28kBy/s.
    • So people who are having a 2g plan in 3g sim, dial *121*11# by phone(for airtel customer) to stop 3g service for better 2g internet speed.

    changed the profile name Airtel mobile office (default) to Airtel Internet (case sensetive) for 2g sim data plans for better speed.

  • josan April 26, 2012 8:48 am

    i was using airtel 2g internet plan and i want to try airtel 3g plan so i enable airtel 3g , i did’t find any connection diff. and my entire money in my account loot by airtel in one night . next morning my balance was .05 ps. i don’t know why they left 5 ps for me in my account. i complaint to customer care but they made me fool and disconnect the phone 3 times. i have a balance of 250 in my account they ate that in one night and waiting to loot me once i recharge .so please don’t go for airtel 3g

  • sharath December 23, 2011 9:03 am

    I have purchased Airtel dongle of 7.2 MBPS speed with monthly rental 1250 RS/- postpaid, they promised , even i enquired with 121 that i will get speed minmum of 7.2 mbps, but on first day i used for 30 min it gave me .09 mbps, from second day onward it never crossed .07 mbps and some times it giving in bits, I think this may me due to some technical issue but Airtel customercare is worse, i was facing the problem since 19 days (from second day after purchase), they never resolved. yesterday i given request to close the connection. Tataphoton with 2g giving good speed 0.70 to 1.2 mps. So Airtel support team show you hell when you get problem with airtel 3g.

  • Ape July 9, 2011 9:02 pm

    Every operator su*ks but still airtel is the best..
    Only precaution is we shouldn’t be the first to activate anything..

  • sri April 10, 2011 10:40 pm


    All though BSNL low prices for 3G data transfer, the max speed is 460 kpbs and majority of the time it is damn slow. It wud be market leader, if it had good 3G equipment

  • vishwanath April 9, 2011 11:51 am

    BSNL is the best service provider to provide 3G service at lowest prices.

  • Mudit April 8, 2011 10:03 am

    @alamgir I also comment on this problem as I also suffer in airtel…I got detucted Rs 40 for mobile TV…When I asked Customer Care to return money they just stop my customer care servics.

  • mohan lal April 8, 2011 12:08 am

    airtel waala public ko loot raha hai maine apna n. mnp port out karne ke liye request diya to unhone ye bol kar reject kar diya ki aapka n. vanity n. hai jabki maine aise ho bazar se sim liya tha ab wo isaka Rs.350 charge kar rahe hai bol rahe hai aapka n. vanity list main hai actual mere n. ke last digit 999100 ab bol rahe hai aap payment karke ye n. aap dusari company me jaa sakate hai
    sanjay bafanaji sir koi aisa forum hai jaha hum is loot ke baare me complain kar sake please help me ???

  • sumit April 7, 2011 11:27 pm

    In order to activate 3G data plan we have to send sms 3G at 121 one more time, only then 3G data plan gets activated. Otherwise we simply get switched over 3G network and 2G data plan remains active. It means, in this situation we can use 2G data pack over 3G speed. I a sure about this and my bro is using it.

  • raj April 7, 2011 11:08 pm

    Tata docomo launch 3g service in November 2010 not November 2009

  • deepak April 7, 2011 4:44 pm

    i dont know why i am lucky. I hav 14rs in main balance and 1gb in earlier 2g balance.. After migrating to 3g also balance is getting deducted from 2g balance.. Hope they dont get me to minus 1000 main balance later

  • alamgir April 7, 2011 2:51 pm

    lakshmanan :
    when using airtel customer should not look at money spent or deducted and if indeed one wants to save money then they can switch to other operators,no use fighting with this arrogant operator for getting your money back,it is waste of time.

    I totally agree with this comment, I suffered a lot for past 6 months then as soon as MNP was launched I ported, now living in PEACE. as far as 3G is concerned with airtel . . . LOL. . . Till now the customers were charged or deducted with amounts ranging in 10, 20, 30 or 50 rs. now onwards these deductions will be interms of 100, 200, 500, 1000 etc, so make sure if u r using 3G frm aitel make sure your bank balance is equivalent

  • lakshmanan April 7, 2011 1:17 pm

    when using airtel customer should not look at money spent or deducted and if indeed one wants to save money then they can switch to other operators,no use fighting with this arrogant operator for getting your money back,it is waste of time.

  • Mahmood Junaid April 7, 2011 12:15 pm

    data charges for mobile broadband and are too high compared to a common indian… if they need to increase their business should reduce the charges heavily…

  • rajiev April 7, 2011 12:12 pm

    @suhas switch to 3g in recharge of 2g gprs pack

  • Abhijit April 7, 2011 11:24 am

    here also Airtel started 3G with cheating to their customer if in the 3G bill plan option 3- Rs. 45 30 Mins plan is stated then it should be activated.. So @DB whether you got back Rs.45 in your Balance again or not?

  • suhas April 7, 2011 11:14 am

    I am still on Airtel 2G gprs Rs98 plan But after 3G launch the data speed of 2G has decreased to 4 Kbps it takes 15 sec to open Google search page.

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