Ever felt that you are not in line with the latest news and other exciting stuff of the world of TELECOMMUNICATION?

Have you been shelling money on an un-suitable plan, or found yourself choosing a Carrier which doesn’t fulfills your needs ?

You have come to the right place.We  The TELECOM TALK  crew  strive to update you by

Tracking Developments In Telecom Industry”.


This page profiles the people behind the scenes (writers, editors and guest contributors) that make TelecomTalk a success.



-Founder & Chief Editor
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From managing small telecom communities in various social networking sites the success of communities took him to the fab five telecom firms in India, Management and Customers meaning something to business with it his mind works only in one direction managing and marketing.

He is a calm guy,capable of focusing all his attention to the task at hand.


- National Editor (Telecom / Mobile )
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Sanjay Bafna who is ever prepared and never hesitate to lend us a hand. Be it Telecom , Jainism, Indian Politics or World History he knows it all he loves writing tons of articles and undoubtedly TELECOM is his area of expertise,he was the pioneer among us to write articles which arguably SANJAY does very well.Presently he is an entrepreneur in automobile Industry and a  Mobile Phone & IT Analyst.

RDBRudradeep Biswas

-Senior Telecom Analyst
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RDB aka Rudradeep Biswas is the man from Kolkata though he don’t have such charismatic telecom background, but he keeps his eye on ups-&-downs of telecom industries for his own interest. With a combination of cool brain & skill he is doing all the comparative works on on-going telecom war. A complete movie buff his hobbies extends from music to photography. Professionally being a medico, he is very helping guy and a blogger too.

Mandanna PS

-Telecom Analyst

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Mandanna hails from Karnataka and works with a leading Teleco he has been in telecom industry for last 6.5 years, mobile is his passion he love to do new things on mobile.

He is more into R&D of tariff plans and into testing of various VAS which comes first in the industry.

He also does a close watch into the day today happening in the industry and keeps him updated

Tushar Sharma
-Senior Writer

Tushar Sharma the person entailed with VAS an Telecom surroundings for long thus performing the role of KNIGHT by keenly watching what’s going around the Telecom domain and keeps an eye on Futuristic developments and products his interest in writing and lucrative ideas in Telecom domain can be very well seen in his writings, An active blogger, music lover and adventurous trekker is working as Manager with one of Telecom VAS companies.

Chethan Thimmappa
-Senior Writer

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Chethan Thimmappa is a Tech Blogger from Bangalore and the founder of Chaaps a well known online portal. He loves writing his Specialized areas are Reviewing TV Ads and Creative Videos. A Mobile Geek who always plays with Apps and Hacks. A Social Media Expert Whom You can Reach anytime, anywhere. Chethan Provides In Depth Insights on News as it Happens.


-Senior Analyst

Girdher is a telecom business development executive from engineering background with 9 years of experience and he use to keep track of new developments in telecom field especially BSNL and MTNL .



A guy good enough with some sense of  telecom news quite good at it a recent study shows that this guy got addicted to blogging and now his brain cells are charged with nothing but just 2TB of telecom and mobile stuffs.

Anirban Mukherjee

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An IT sudent, currently pursuing Graduation in Computer Application from Kolkata. Actually from Labpur, Birbhum he is with tons of interests in telecommunication industry. He spend his leisure time by reading magazine, watching movies and listening music.



-Senior App Reviewer
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An EC Engineer,Programmer,Blogger,Painter,Nature & Music lover,a bit animator & a gadget freak.He is the one who helps TT readers to discover new innovative mobile applications and reviews it in his own style be it Android or Symbian.He always has his watchful eyes in all leading mobile platforms and trends in Mobile Eco-system.Mobiles and Telecom have become a part in his daily life and so TT.


Chethan S

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Geospatial Engineer by profession who appreciates the power of social media to change things. He often writes about issues faced by telecom customers. His belief in staying updated all the time makes him be on twitter most of the times!


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-App reviewer

Engineer by profession. He Mobile enthusiast, reviews smartphone and app’s in a unique way. An active blogger, ardent music lover, loves travelling. His first article “History of Indian Telecommunication” which was widely hailed by TT readers and he is a Geek in Android (Rooting, installing custom ROM, app’s )